Traditional combinations of colors

Model curtains gets to the room style and colors should blend with the color of the walls. What colors can be combined with the yellow Wallpaper? The range of colors and patterns is quite wide, it is primarily green and all its shades. Curtains can be a vibrant green or pale-green. Neutralize the acid yellow walls, olive and pistachio colours of the curtains.

Will look perfect in a bright yellow room curtains with dark green floral ornament on a white or beige background. The French style of the living room Windows tulle can be hung solid, and Drapes of fabric with a green floral pattern.

Successfully set off the pale yellow walls dark blue velvet curtains. To pale lemon Wallpaper will fit Aqua shades and draperies the color of a sea wave. In the bedroom you can hang curtains with a rich blue pattern on a pale blue field. Background for floral patterns in blue color can serve as honey and Golden tones.

Balance yellow color scheme, the curtains of neutral colors: gray, beige, cream, terracotta, brown. Shades of brown can be light coffee with milk to dark chocolate. The combination of yellow and brown creates a classic interior. To create harmony, you can add accessories, such as cushions in the color of the curtains.

Spectacular curtains to the yellow Wallpaper

For a nursery or girl's room with Wallpaper lemon-colored stop the choice on the curtains fuchsia, you get a very interesting composition. More dark colors – Carmine, mallow – decorate the interior of the bright yellow living room. Under any shade of yellow suit white curtains, they refresh and are visually expand the space. Elegant "clothes" for the window would be curtains made of cloth with a white base and Golden pattern. In the monochrome interior will dilute the yellow tone light white veil on the Windows of organza or tulle.

Red and orange hues blend well with yellow. In the red and yellow colors, you can arrange a spacious room for any purpose. In a large high room with sandy walls can be hung up dark red or orange curtains. Perfect patterned curtains – red background and a gold ornament or orange strips are positioned parallel to the floor, on a light basis.

Combine well with the Golden tones shades of purple, lilac, violet. Large Windows with advantageous will look draped with a picture of the color of ripe eggplant on a pale lilac field.