The combination of yellow clothing

Yellow – not a frequent visitor in women's wardrobe. He perceived with some caution, because to create a stylish image it is necessary to carefully measure and properly supplemented. Wisely combining the yellow, you can easily create a fashionable ensemble.

A classic combination is yellow and blue. The second color can vary in intensity from pale blue to blue-black. With any shade of yellow will look advantageous and attractive. To create a beautiful image needs to be bright top, dark bottom. For example, a blue skirt and a Sunny yellow blouse.
Yellow has many shades. It can be used in almost any style, from office to casual. For example, change the usual white blouse in pale yellow – it diversifies business suit.

Yellow works well with graphite and grey. Ensembles work a striking, rich and memorable. For example, add a yellow blouse to office suit or throw a bright jacket over a plain sundress.

The perfect Sunny color will become bright shades. Don't be afraid to experiment: choose juicy pants and tops, skirts and accessories. Harmoniously will look yellow, green, purple, orange. The main rule to not look ridiculous: one color needs to lead, and the second Supplement.

If you can't decide on bright clothing, use yellow in the accessories. Today is a very large fashion jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, various brooches as flowers and barrettes. Also yellow can be entered with the shoes: wear bright ballet flats/shoes with jeans and top or with a simple black dress. Augment the image with a colorful bag or scarf.

Yellow color in the interior

The yellow color in the room will help to create a sense of celebration, warmth and comfort. However, the use of bright accent carefully, combining it with suitable colours. Best "company" for the yellow in the interior will be white, purple, green, brown, blue, grey.
The yellow in the room should not be: this color can cause a feeling of oppression. Its use is metered: the decor, the decoration of furniture, accessories.

To make the room cozy, creative and comfortable, add yellow. For this, use decorative elements and accessories. For example, will look beautiful pillows covers, sun shades, lampshades, frames. If you want more yellow use bright bedspreads, the carpet, or replace curtains.

For painting walls, ceilings or floors yellow use dangerous in large amounts it can start to depress the nervous system. A better option – bright blotches on a neutral basis. Also interesting look multicoloured striped Wallpaper. Yellow color in the interior visually expand the space and make it lighter.