You will need
  • Wallpaper;
  • -testil.
If the walls are decorated in heavenly tones, curtains should be decorated in harmony with this color. A combination of white and blue – a classic of the genre. White curtains refresh the interior, add light to visually widen the room. You want to focus on the window, decorate it, mixed fabrics, blue and white color, such as white tulle and blue curtains. If the room is Sunny, the ideal option would be aquamarine blue Drapes and sheer curtains. White-blue colors symbolize purity and innocence. This combination is typical for the Scandinavian style.
Combines with blue sand and brown shades. They would be appropriate in the interior with historical notes: the style of "neoclassical" or "neo-Baroque". The Golden hues will add necessary design, pomp, luxury. A pale yellow curtains will make the room light, airy. Tandem pink with blue − great for a child's room or boudoir of a young girl.
Blue Wallpapers in perfect harmony with all shades of gray, ashen, pearly, smoky. Want to move away from the cold tones, select for Windows the textile soft peach or orange. Cool blue and warm orange Wallpaper draperies will create a stylish design and a festive mood.
For the bedroom, choose curtains in white or blue, to match the Wallpaper. Calm, relaxing interior, without contrasts, promotes relaxation and proper rest. If the walls are pale blue, the window to hang the curtain Indigo (dark purple). Living organically for bright, high-contrast design of Windows. But keep in mind that contrasting colors visually reduce the volume of the room. An exquisite combination of blue and beige. For room in country style, choose a printed drapery. The kitchen looks good fresh, bright fabrics, such as purple or turquoise. For office pick up a strict scheme, which is close to the color of the denim.
Blue Wallpaper can transform any room and accentuate their luxury curtains, echoing harmoniously with them. Interesting to get a window decor in rich, green, purple, lemon, strawberry colors. The choice of these colors come carefully, a little too much and the room design can be gaudy, vulgar. To neutralize these colors, support accessories.