Advice 1: What are the blinds suitable for blue Wallpaper

The choice of curtains – it is responsible, requires a delicate approach. Choosing clothes for your window, consider all the nuances: the color of the walls and furniture, on which side of the world goes out the window what you want to get the interior warm or cool.
What are the blinds suitable for blue Wallpaper
You will need
  • Wallpaper;
  • -testil.
If the walls are decorated in heavenly tones, curtains should be decorated in harmony with this color. A combination of white and blue – a classic of the genre. White curtains refresh the interior, add light to visually widen the room. You want to focus on the window, decorate it, mixed fabrics, blue and white color, such as white tulle and blue curtains. If the room is Sunny, the ideal option would be aquamarine blue Drapes and sheer curtains. White-blue colors symbolize purity and innocence. This combination is typical for the Scandinavian style.
Combines with blue sand and brown shades. They would be appropriate in the interior with historical notes: the style of "neoclassical" or "neo-Baroque". The Golden hues will add necessary design, pomp, luxury. A pale yellow curtains will make the room light, airy. Tandem pink with blue − great for a child's room or boudoir of a young girl.
Blue Wallpapers in perfect harmony with all shades of gray, ashen, pearly, smoky. Want to move away from the cold tones, select for Windows the textile soft peach or orange. Cool blue and warm orange Wallpaper draperies will create a stylish design and a festive mood.
For the bedroom, choose curtains in white or blue, to match the Wallpaper. Calm, relaxing interior, without contrasts, promotes relaxation and proper rest. If the walls are pale blue, the window to hang the curtain Indigo (dark purple). Living organically for bright, high-contrast design of Windows. But keep in mind that contrasting colors visually reduce the volume of the room. An exquisite combination of blue and beige. For room in country style, choose a printed drapery. The kitchen looks good fresh, bright fabrics, such as purple or turquoise. For office pick up a strict scheme, which is close to the color of the denim.
Blue Wallpaper can transform any room and accentuate their luxury curtains, echoing harmoniously with them. Interesting to get a window decor in rich, green, purple, lemon, strawberry colors. The choice of these colors come carefully, a little too much and the room design can be gaudy, vulgar. To neutralize these colors, support accessories.
To the blue Wallpaper fits plenty of clothing options for Windows, if you get creative, you can beat almost any color.

Advice 2: What curtains will suit white Wallpaper

One of the most important skills in interior decoration — the ability to combine colors and shades. Because it is often the color of the solution set the overall style. The human eye perceives colors in the first place, and this affects the mood at a subconscious level.
Before you choose curtains for the white Wallpaper, you need to consider that the color can visually expand or reduce the premises. Bright Wallpaper and furniture make the room much more spacious, so it is right to support this effect with the help of well-chosen curtains.
Of course, the choice of decor for the room in which you are going to continue to live, you must rely on your own taste and intuition, the most perfect decor, if you do not like, will not bring joy and pleasure. It is worth considering that white backgrounds are fairly universal so they will fit curtains of almost any color, but that combination looked really good, it is advisable to follow a few basic rules.
Most often the decoration of Windows is approaching the walls of the room. Curtains or blinds should be in harmony with the Wallpaper and to perform a number of additional functions. If your room lacks light, bright and quite light curtains warm hues will help to create the appearance of better coverage. Premises with lack of sunlight combine well with yellow, pink, peach fabrics. Rooms on the Sunny side will look good with curtains of cold colors — blue, blue or purple.
If you have a plain white Wallpaper, you can afford to choose blinds and curtains with patterns, prints and bright prints. To embossed Wallpaper or Wallpaper with a picture better suited plain curtains. Make sure that the color of the curtains are well combined with the furniture or upholstery if you decide to do in the room the main emphasis in the decoration of Windows, do not argue with the environment.
If your room with white Wallpaper is bright, classic-style furniture, try to combine it with beige or cream curtains by adding matching accessories — holders, brushes, additional decorative elements. This option is more visually expand the room, giving it elegance and sophistication.
For those who prefer a less traditional style is to try to focus on the window. With white Wallpaper look great curtains with bold geometric patterns, in this case, it is very important that the environment did not argue with them.
If you prefer the in between not too classic and not too modern decoration of the room, note the muted, "dusty", but rich colors — deep plum, forest green, sand or coral.
Useful advice
Make sure the room looks good under artificial and daylight.

Advice 3: What curtains would suit the yellow Wallpaper

Sunny yellow is a great choice for apartment design − it creates a happy mood, relieves stress and fatigue. Well-chosen curtains accentuate the cheerful interior.
What curtains would suit the yellow Wallpaper

Traditional combinations of colors

Model curtains gets to the room style and colors should blend with the color of the walls. What colors can be combined with the yellow Wallpaper? The range of colors and patterns is quite wide, it is primarily green and all its shades. Curtains can be a vibrant green or pale-green. Neutralize the acid yellow walls, olive and pistachio colours of the curtains.

Will look perfect in a bright yellow room curtains with dark green floral ornament on a white or beige background. The French style of the living room Windows tulle can be hung solid, and Drapes of fabric with a green floral pattern.

Successfully set off the pale yellow walls dark blue velvet curtains. To pale lemon Wallpaper will fit Aqua shades and draperies the color of a sea wave. In the bedroom you can hang curtains with a rich blue pattern on a pale blue field. Background for floral patterns in blue color can serve as honey and Golden tones.

Balance yellow color scheme, the curtains of neutral colors: gray, beige, cream, terracotta, brown. Shades of brown can be light coffee with milk to dark chocolate. The combination of yellow and brown creates a classic interior. To create harmony, you can add accessories, such as cushions in the color of the curtains.

Spectacular curtains to the yellow Wallpaper

For a nursery or girl's room with Wallpaper lemon-colored stop the choice on the curtains fuchsia, you get a very interesting composition. More dark colors – Carmine, mallow – decorate the interior of the bright yellow living room. Under any shade of yellow suit white curtains, they refresh and are visually expand the space. Elegant "clothes" for the window would be curtains made of cloth with a white base and Golden pattern. In the monochrome interior will dilute the yellow tone light white veil on the Windows of organza or tulle.

Red and orange hues blend well with yellow. In the red and yellow colors, you can arrange a spacious room for any purpose. In a large high room with sandy walls can be hung up dark red or orange curtains. Perfect patterned curtains – red background and a gold ornament or orange strips are positioned parallel to the floor, on a light basis.

Combine well with the Golden tones shades of purple, lilac, violet. Large Windows with advantageous will look draped with a picture of the color of ripe eggplant on a pale lilac field.

Advice 4: What Wallpaper suitable for dark rooms

Dark room can meet in almost every dwelling, be it apartment or private house. The lack of natural lighting can occur due to the design of buildings, availability, under the Windows of the tall trees, the location of the room on the North side of the house. This problem can be solved with the help of properly selected Wallpapers, which will make the room more bright and cozy.
What Wallpaper suitable for dark rooms


Of course, for decorating the walls in the dark areas to use Wallpaper in bright colors. Best suited soft pastel shades, as closely as possible to white: light beige, soft cream, off-white, vanilla, ivory. For light, soft and boring combinations of pastel colors can be combined among themselves or with one brighter color (Golden, yellow, lemon, light pink).

Pure white color is better to consider separately in each case. For example, in a room located on the North side of the house, white walls can be perceived as gray. As a result, the room becomes even more uncomfortable. In this case, to compensate for the lack of daylight, the best option would be a radiant light yellow hue.

In addition, for dark rooms you can use and cool tones, which are able to reflect a lot of light: light pistachio, pale blue, pale turquoise, light mint.

Not recommended in dark rooms to apply rich shades of green, peach, orange, olive, and terracotta colors. The walls in these colours will absorb a lot of light, and the room will always be cloudy. While light shades of blue and purple in the sunlight will look gray and dreary.

Paintings and ornaments

For decoration of walls in dark rooms you can use pastel-coloured Wallpapers with a picture. Importantly, the pattern was smaller, and his color was not strongly contrasting to the basic tone of the Wallpaper. Room contrast the major elements of the picture on the walls will visually appear darker and smaller. And if the room is spacious enough, then a bold pattern, you can highlight one wall (preferably in front of the window).

Texture and relief

For the room with insufficient natural illumination it is necessary to pay attention to the texture pattern. It is best to use glossy Wallpaper which have the ability to reflect light, respectively, and the room will seem more spacious and bright. Wallpaper with a deep matte finish will absorb the sun's rays. Not suitable for dark rooms and also the Wallpaper with silk-screen printing and metallography - they will darken the wall.

The relief pattern, depending on depth, can also absorb or reflect light. Even the bright Wallpaper with a large convex topography are visually reduce the room. But the Wallpaper with small relief possess a reflective effect, can be used in the design of dark rooms.

Observing certain rules and guidelines even the darkest room can be turned into a light, bright and Sunny room.

Advice 5: What Wallpaper suitable for bedroom

A third of life of most people is spent in sleep, so the bedrooms should be given maximum attention. Largely the choice of Wallpaper in the bedroom will depend on how you want to be in the room.
What Wallpaper suitable for bedroom

There are many types of Wallpapers with different textures and colors. It is necessary to choose carefully the material from which made the Wallpaper, and coloring for the bedroom.

Suitable colors for the bedroom

Designers recommend to make the wall in the bedroom Wallpaper light and natural tones to create a cozy atmosphere. But it is necessary to consider both their own preferences and individual characteristics of the premises.

Start off by choosing Wallpapers with the determination of the area of your bedroom and light levels. For a small bedroom it is always necessary to choose a bright Wallpaper, but there are exceptions to the rule. For example, if the Windows face South, too light color Wallpaper does not add to the coziness of the room. White walls in the bedroom will cut the eye with their sterility. Especially if you buy the shining Wallpaper cool shade. If you have still got to create the effect of hospital walls, it is possible to fix it skillful arrangement of furniture, lamps and accessories.

If the room is large, but not lit, then choose Wallpaper light shades of beige, Golden, yellow, pale blue.

Even when choosing the Wallpaper focus on your own habits and sense of color. It is worth noting that people who suffer from insomnia fall asleep better in a room with dark blue walls. And for those who are not accustomed long lying in bed that is required on the walls of the bright spots.

A good solution is to combine the Wallpaper in the bedroom. You can select the working area more vivid colors, and soft colors to decorate the walls where there is a bed.


It is important when choosing Wallpaper for bedroom material.

1. The wall-paper had long since lost its popularity. They are cheap, but they are not able to emphasize the dignity of the room. Paper Wallpaper is not long serve.

2. Very popular vinyl Wallpaper. Well, they look great with screen printing. That's just the durability they have little, have very carefully to go with the walls.

3. Non-woven Wallpaper is good at hiding the flaws of the walls, they are practical - can be hung for about seven years without losing its appearance. A non-woven paintable Wallpaper give a great space fantasy.

4. In the bedroom look beautiful fiberglass. They are easy to paint and repaint in any color!

5. Wallpaper made of bamboo, cane or jute is a very eco-friendly. The basis of their usual paper, but the top is made from natural materials. They are made in a neutral color, so for the bedrooms, they are very good, because it is the place where relax and rest.

6. Textile Wallpaper will add a room comfort. That they served longer, they should be treated. In addition, they have good thermal and sound insulating properties.


If you decide to choose for the bedroom Wallpaper background, follow a few recommendations:

  • For small spaces choose a Wallpaper with a rare and small figure.
  • For a large bedroom will fit frequent and large images.
  • Too bright drawings should not be, otherwise they will distract from the main thing - from a dream.

You can paste a spacious room colored Wallpaper, and on one of the walls to hang photo panels as an accent. Murals may depict a favorite place, animals, flowers, symbol of the beloved city - in General, all that you want!

Advice 6: The choice of curtains for the bedroom: assistance and recommendations

Windows – indispensable attribute of any dwelling. It is not only the source of natural illumination but also decoration, they primarily attract the view included in the premises of the person. The curtains mute the light or protect the Windows from prying eyes, and have a decorative function, giving the interior finish and comfort.
The choice of curtains for the bedroom: assistance and recommendations

General principles for selection curtains

In order to choose the right curtains for bedroom, you should also know the basic rules of selection of curtains for rooms of different sizes, height, function and style. You should know that if your bedroom is small, lush curtains, however beautiful they may be, will look in it too pompous and ponderous. In this case, to visually make the room bigger, select a more modest curtains, the color harmonizing with the color of the walls. Low ceilings will be higher if the fabric is vertically oriented or will it be a stripe. In a large room short or too simple curtains will look out of place. For bedroom a large area, you can choose the material of the curtains with large, but not a bright pattern.

The value can have and the location of bedrooms relative to the cardinal directions. If it is on the North side and it is not often staying with the sun, choose curtains in warm tones of beige, yellow, orange or light green. When the bedroom is on the Sunny side of the house, for it is more fit blinds from materials of cool colours – grey, blue, purple.

Curtains for bedroom: the General approach

What kind of curtains you hang in the bedroom, consider in advance, at the stage when you will do a design project by ordering it from a specialist garage, or by creating independently. You need to consider what type of curtains will be hanging in this room, what material color and quality, how they will look. In the case where the design of the bedroom you will develop yourself, suitable design options you can see by the photos in special magazines or on the Internet.

In the General case, your choice should be determined by the functional purpose of this space is for sleep: his whole situation should create a feeling of comfort and peace, promote good sleep and proper rest. Decide and so will make you focus on the window by highlighting it using the curtains, or on the contrary, they will be in color to be combined with decoration and furniture. Decide which style is more suitable for your bedroom and will be her a single stylistic solution, complex or simple will be your curtains. Pick a color, as in the case of finish, such that it is fall you have a sense of comfort, and not bothered you.

Depending on the style, which will be solved bedroom, choose a style. If you want to make a window with a decorative interior element, choose style medium or short length with a variety of decorations such as valances, cornices and bands. In that case, when the curtains will bear a protective function, limiting the access of light, select for them a long leaf and dense fabric. Consider these options as a combination of curtains of different types, such as plain curtains and blinds.


To color the material for the curtains should not cause irritation too dark or too bright tone, it needs to complement and harmoniously fit into the interior, combined with flooring, upholstery, walls and accessories. Interior designers recommend to choose for the curtains in the bedroom more bright colors, the curtains did not look too heavy. If you use tulle, better if it is solid without patterns and woven patterns, white or beige, barely there pastel shades.
Note that the bright, flashy colors, contrasting combinations in the bedroom is not only inappropriate, but can get bored very quickly.

What material to choose

The choice of the material for the curtains in the bedroom should be suitable and practical, because they will need to periodically wash. In addition, bright curtains will quickly burn out if the bedroom Windows are on the South side. Perfect for this room and the materials made from natural fabrics, they are perfectly erased, while maintaining its appearance. Silk, linen and cotton curtains look good in the bedroom, the interior of which is made in a minimalist, Oriental, Mediterranean or country style. In any case, try to get material for curtains in the bedroom contain natural fibers.

Curtains in different styles

If the interior of a bedroom decorated in a traditional style, hang curtains in her classic style, which can be supplemented with swags of fabric, pattern combined with Wallpaper and furnishings. If your bedroom has a beautiful original Windows, not hide them behind the draperies – hang her curtains simply style that would not attract attention.
Use for bedroom original style decision, not necessarily to do it in total style with the other rooms in the apartment. The same applies to the style of curtains.

Simply plain curtains on the wide loops perfect for a bedroom in Oriental or Japanese style, but the modern style implies asymmetry, contrasting combination of light airy fabric. For bedroom high-tech style, choose a combination of blinds with paintings of light, airy tulle without pictures and patterns. In this bedroom appropriate to use the curtains of modern high-tech non-woven materials of contrasting colors or metallic.
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