You will need
  • - utility for configuring running processes in the phone.
Check how many apps currently running on your smartphone. If a lot of them, it negatively affects his performance, so complete some of them to release some amount of RAM. It is believed that applications in the background require less resources. So, if you have 3-5 programs. If it's more than, it affects the performance.
Please download system utilities for your smartphone that configure the system so that after making changes is released a big amount of RAM due to the completion of your unused system processes. Most often it is programs that create a special mode of the phone, which when activated run only specific processes in accordance with the most frequently used functions of your mobile device.
Before installing the mandatory check the compatibility of platforms and the according permissions of the app to fit your screen. The proportions should be the same, otherwise part of the programme will remain outside of the display.
If you want to speed up the work of your phone in the usual ways, pay attention to the standard working conditions of the phone. It's possible that it installed any theme, occupying for their work a certain amount of memory. In this case change it to standard.
In the standby mode, remove the extra panel from the display. Their display also affects the speed. Periodically restore the operating system and check for viruses. Do not install questionable applications and complete work programs in the background, especially the Navigator.