You will need
  • - PCI USB controller.
The first method will help, if you default on your computer is not set to the maximum speed of the USB ports. Turn on the computer. Immediately after turning on the power button on the system unit the keyboard, press the Del or F1, F2. Then you get in the BIOS menu, find where the USB setting. On the basis of motherboard model and BIOS version, settings USB can be in different sections.
When the USB setting is chosen, set it to the maximum possible value (this will most likely be USB 2.0). If there is a value of Full speed, then install it. When you exit the BIOS save settings. The computer will reboot. Now speed ports will increase significantly.
If your motherboard is equipped with USB ports 1.0, the performance increase is impossible. To know the type of ports in the manual for the motherboard or in the BIOS as described above. These ports are very slow and high speeds from them should not wait. A possible solution would be to buy a PCI USB controller. Device installation adds to the system Board a new high-speed USB ports. The fastest controller is the PCI USB 3.0.
Disconnect the computer from the mains and remove the cover. Install the controller in the PCI slot. Such slots are in the bottom left of the motherboard. They are signed in. Insert the controller and fasten it with a screw. Sure that he was well fixed in the slot. The cover of the system unit until the cover. Turn on the computer. The system will automatically detect the device and install the drivers. When you see that the device is ready for operation, insert the memory stick and check. If everything works, close the cover of the system unit.