Today to overclock the CPU - a fairly simple task. It needs to increase the frequency at which the computer (CPU). There are many programs with which you can "overclock" the processor directly from Windows. For Example, Softfsb. Download this program (distribution free). Run. A command window will open in this program. Specify the frequency to which you want to "overclock" the CPU and press "Y". Next, the program will execute automatically. A reboot is not required.
The best option is to overclock the CPU from VOA. Go into your BIOS, find the option that is responsible for the memory frequency. If you don't know the exact location, we will specify this in the instructions. Once you found this option to set the minimum value. Next, find the option that is called AGP/PCI Clock and set the value to 66/33 MHz.Now you need to find the setting Frequency/Voltage Control. This setting and will be responsible for increasing the speed of the processor. A specific value by which to increase the value of none. It all depends on the performance of your personal computer. To start increase frequency to 10 MHz. In most cases it should work. Save the changed settings and load Windows. Now you need to make sure the speed of your computer has increased. To do this, download the program CPU-Z . Check the stability of the CPU using the program Super PI or Prime95. Also check the temperature of the CPU, it should not rise above 60 degrees, but the temperature will be lower, the better.
If all went well, repeat the performed steps and increase the speed of your computer by another 10 MHz. Continue this as long as the system is stable.