When you give a definition of "cultural man", we primarily mean the following: whether the person complies with the rules and accepted models of behaviour in society – a sort of narrow-minded code of honor. In principle, this "duty", "cultural person" to society and end.

A man of culture as a social object

For society it is important that human behavior was determined by the bounds of decency and the law. Society, in principle, ready to accept the fact that with myself or with my family people can be anything, but outside the door of his home, the civilized man should be activated toggle on the inclusion of norms and self-control.

That is, in the popular consciousness the concept of the cultural person is a person, well-mannered, observing the rituals and etiquette: "in front of strangers", "people", "society". If a person owning all forms of etiquette, and even higher education, there is, as a rule, a man rises in social status from the level of just human culture to the level of "intelligent person".

The behavior of the person "behind the door" in the calculation in this case is not accepted. "Behind the door" you can burp and pick your nose, yell, and treat the household or evil, anonymous trolls on the Internet though not for money, but only at the call of "swept soul." But if such an individual will yield to the old lady to transport or hold the Elevator door for a neighbor, all the status of a cultural person he provided.

Culture as a set of executable conditions

In the early nineteenth century the word "culture" is more attitude to agricultural science than extrapolated to humans. The word appeared in the age of Enlightenment in the late 18th century, but took root gradually and long enough. In Europe and Russia of the 19th century spoke – civilized man, referring to something that now is embedded in the concept of cultural rights. In the early 30-ies of the last century Ushakov's explanatory dictionary interprets the concept of "educated person" as a person "cultivated". Only in connection with global urbanization, when lie became a separate urban culture in opposition to nature, the concepts of civilized and cultural become blurred. The word "cultural" were added the words forming a phrase: the cultural revolution, the cultural level, cultural relations, cultural people, i.e. a pointer to some achievements, progress and personality.

Currently, linguistics interprets the word "culture" as "the amount of genetically inherited information transmitted in a society from generation to generation." Sociology also willing to offer their interpretation of the concept: "culture is a set of traditions, customs, social norms, the rules governing the behavior of those who lives now, and passed to those who will live tomorrow."

From a philosophical point of view, on Spengler and Toynbee, culture is only part of the component of civilization. A cultured man is a person able to absorb a large amount of information, to analyze, to interpret, to establish cause-and-effect relationships. The role of education and self-control in shaping the present cultural human philosophers, of course, denied.

Thus, the cultural person is a person comply with basic norms of conduct of civilized society, but to align themselves and society only in the proportions, which allows him to be a personality and individuality, not a "cog in the system", "majority", part of the "United fist" and "one people."