Advice 1: What do you call a man whom everybody likes

In communication and meet kindred spirits, and those whom it would be better not to see. It is pointless to try to be good for everyone, but can equally apply to all others?
What do you call a man whom everybody likes

Friendly people

There are warm and friendly people by nature, and, in some cases, the presence of these qualities requires a professional duty. Some reach high-class in communication, able to be polite and friendly, even to rudeness. Typically, this positive attitude is found among the specialists of the service sector and is a preferred feature for this vacancy. When the consultant treats every customer like a good friend or a long-awaited guest, the buyer a good impression and a desire again to visit the store. But it's just the demands of modern business, and as they say, there is no "nothing personal". However, in everyday life there are also friendly people. They smile and greet a stranger, to show attention and respect when random communication, willing to help. For example, take the driver's solidarity. In an emergency situation on the road be sure to find a kind person who selflessly helps to solve the problem with the car. Friendly people by nature are optimistic, first and foremost try to pay attention to good and I am positive to all people.


The second category of people who can like all, is the opposite, and are naive personality. Of course, they are sincere in their sympathy, but it more is not based on good attitude, and a naive desire to see the best in people. This attitude is often what brings them harm. A strange naivete enjoy the crooks and swindlers that are rubbing in the trust, making a capital. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, you need to deal with excessive confidence and to abandon the idea that the world consists of only good and kind people.


You can pretend to Express sympathy for all others, to please everyone and create the image of a good-natured person. It is usually busy and sycophants. If man by nature is prone to pretense and looking for an opportunity out of any situation to benefit him like all without exception. The only requirement is to get something in return. Toady is willing to compliment, all praise and speak well. When the situation is already of interest, he'll just forget about the existence of those who admired.

All the people can not be the same like it, because everyone has their own preferences. Someone interesting to talk to will be the cheerful and witty person, and someone will prefer to communicate with serious intellectual. We should highlight this positive character trait like friendliness. With friendly people is always a pleasure to deal with, and being in the company of the friendly man, the impression that he likes everything.

Advice 2: How to stop thinking about the person who much like

It is not always possible to achieve the man, who was very like, but the constant thoughts about how things could have been, often distract from real life. What you need to do to stop thinking about him and move on?
How to stop thinking about the person who much like

No time to worry

Thoughts about someone are most likely to arise in connection with strong emotional experiences. Therefore, the easiest way to get rid of obsessive thoughts is to find a source of more strong emotions. This can be a new relationship, love, job change, relocation to another city, a vacation abroad – in General, anything that has the potential to make worry stronger.

Another option is to plan your life schedule so that time for extraneous thoughts simply remained. You can sign up for training courses to start learning a foreign language, to find work. In addition, there are classes that require a maximum concentration of, for example, extreme sports or dance school. Unhelpful thoughts can appear when you have a place for them and time and your attention scattered. Do not let yourself of the ability for abstract thinking, and pretty soon will be the fact that thought of popular with your man and solitude don't mean anything anymore.
A good option would be a thorough analysis of the person calling you have obsessive thoughts. Perhaps, after reviewing all of the pros and cons emotions will weaken.

Try to think about what might happen, not what will never happen. Dreams must be meaningful and real, so no need to imagine a long and happy life with someone you're trying to forget. Choose topics that do not concern relations: transfer, career growth, new car. Objects of fantasy does not have to be material, as long as they were not associated with romantic relationships.

Psychological methods

The human consciousness is arranged in such a way that the many thoughts and emotions are the end links of the chain of associations. Some psychologists call the phenomenon that can cause such a chain of associations, "anchors". Many people have their own anchors: music, speech patterns, smells of perfume, color combinations, touch. An anchor can be any object or phenomenon, if it causes you a specific emotion or thought.

In order to save yourself from the fruitless thoughts, try to find as many anchors that lead you to sad thoughts. Realizing the cause-and-effect relationship, you can break it yourself or with the help of a psychologist. There is a technique known as "replacement anchor", when the same phenomenon is "attached" a new positive emotion. In addition, you should abandon all the "commemorative" items: gifts, letters, messages on the phone. The longer your look will be for them to cling to, the more time you spend worrying instead of living.
The term "anchor" is mainly used in neuro-linguistic programming – method of managing your and other people's emotions.

In any case, a man who strongly like it, don't forget to turn out instantly. However, it is in your power to make it happen quickly and painlessly. Once you realize that thoughts about that person are still there, but no emotion they did not cause, becoming ordinary facts. The statement that time heals was not born in a vacuum, even though this doctor requires the support and participation of their patients.
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