Potassium HUMATE - organic fertilizer that is made from peat. This makes it so beneficial for plants. It contains amino acids, natural antibiotics and other microelements necessary for growth and increasing yields.

Effects of potassium HUMATE

The trace elements contained in HUMATE potassium, improve the soil where you grow plants. It is more fertile, improving its chemical and physical properties. Humic acids react with trace elements (magnesium, calcium, and others), creating the pores of the air through which the soil "breathes". Also this fertilizer prevents soil erosion.

Particularly useful the use of potassium HUMATE on sandy soils. The main difficulty in their cultivation lies in the fact that the moisture in them does not stay long. The abundance of trace elements contained in the fertilizer that allows gradually get rid of this problem.

Potassium HUMATE has another interesting from the point of view of chemical properties. It is able to neutralize heavy metals, radioactive substances and any of their compounds. After this interaction, the contact with all harmful substances in plants are excluded. Gradually the soil will be environmentally friendly, plants are healthy, and the harvest great. All this will dramatically increase profits for agriculture. That's why potassium HUMATE is actively used by developed countries.

Application of potassium HUMATE

Spraying is the easiest method of application of potassium HUMATE. To prepare working solution, mix 3 grams of fertilizer and 10 gallons of water. This method saves time: it takes only a couple to spray on every leaf of your plants. Do not increase the concentration of potassium HUMATE. Despite the fact that a natural fertilizer, in large quantities it can harm the plant.

To water your seedlings potassium HUMATE solution, it is possible to prepare a concentrate. To do this, dissolve 10 tablespoons of fertilizer in a liter of warm water. The resulting mixture was stored in a dark place for a month. It is added to regular water and water the plants immediately after planting, in the period of budding, and then when it's flowering.

For decontamination of the soil using dry potassium HUMATE. You just need to sprinkle it on a piece of land in the ratio of 50 grams per 10 m2 and walk several times with a rake to loosen the soil. The experienced farmers do it in early spring.