For a visa in the UAE

Visa to UAE is made a little differently, depending on which method you use. It is recommended in each case to specify the list of documents and requirements to them, as they may vary. The amount of fees and methods of payment are different too. In the General case, the list of documents is as follows:

- passport, valid for at least 6 months. after the end of the trip
- copy of all pages of passport;
- copies of the visas from the old passport (if any);
- picture size 43 x 55 mm;
- form completed in English;
- invitation letter (if visit is private);
- hotel booking (if the trip purpose is tourism);
copies of significant pages of the passport of the Russian Federation;
- proof of financial status;
- tickets to the country;
- copy of marriage certificate (for women travelling without a husband);
- 1500$ as a Deposit on his own recognizance (for unmarried women up to 30 years).

If you arrange an e-visa, the form will be sent by e-mail. It must be printed out and presented at passport control. Visa centre pastes a sticker in the passport, but also gives a printout, you need to have with you. Visa for all countries looks somewhat different, but the fact that you got it from the visa application centre, is a guarantee of its authenticity.

Children who are traveling without parents, a visa cannot be issued. If the passport has a visa for Israel, this may be the reason for the refusal of entry or at a visa application. Unmarried women up to 30 years can face additional difficulties in obtaining a visa.

Visa through a travel Agency or hotel

If you bought a tour in the UAE, it is best to apply for a visa through a travel Agency. In this case, you need to collect all the necessary documents and then scan them so they are easily readable.

Hotels also deal with visas. The same documents can be sent to the hotel, if you booked a room independently.

Typically, a company engaged in the design, additional charges for this, so it is unknown how much the visa will cost each individual case. The term of the visa is 7-10 working days.

Visa for passengers, "Emirates"

If you're travelling to the Emirates on the airline "Emirates", it is possible to apply for tourist or cruise the visa through the Dubai visa application centres.

The applicant must have a so-called "Status of the Traveler", that is, his passport over the last 5 years to attend the visa of countries like USA, UK, Schengen countries, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand. You need to provide photocopies of the pages with these visas.

Those who have such visas in the passport of the applicant there is no need to show proof of income (must be at least 400 thousand per year), proof of employment with salary of at least 33500р. If the applicant does not meet either criterion, visa not issued.

Passengers of the company "Emirates" can apply for a visa through the B2B system, to visit the visa application centre in person will be required.

Visa for passengers of Etihad Airways

In case your ticket in UAE purchased in the company "Etihad Airways", the visa will be issued at the visa application centre UAE in Moscow. You need to collect all the documents, which you can apply personally or through a courier service. There is also the possibility to submit all documents online by sending a scanned copy if you fill out the form on the website of the visa center.

Visa application centre Asia

In Moscow is the service center of Asia, which also can submit the document to the UAE visa. You must fill the online application on the visa centre website, attach all documents in scanned form. To track the status of visa can be made online.

If approved, the visa comes via e-mail. It is possible to submit documents in paper form. Usually issue the visa within 5-7 working days.