Reasons why cakes crack, several.The main reason is the difference in humidity inside and outside. The top of the pastry is heated, and thus dried is stronger inside the moisture remains longer. Then it evaporates, seeking a way through the outer layers. It creates some pressure that crust just does not stand up and... crack. To avoid these problems, reducing the temperature of baking in the end of the process.Sometimes cakes crack due to improper cooling. Cakes should be cooled at room temperature, avoiding drafts. When cooled, the core of the pastry cools and shrinks, the crust is not as plastic and can not shrink, so cracks appear.Cracking baking is also possible with incorrect dough. What the dough is thicker, the greater the likelihood of cracking. Accordingly, in order to avoid damage to the crust, it is necessary to observe the water regime of mixing.Another cause of cracking may be neverojatnoe dough. Before you put yeast dough in the oven, you must give time for the test. The pastry takes more time for proofing. Very often cakes cracks due to the mismatch formulation. Often Housewives are baked, not knowing the true temperature of the oven. And the cabinets are different. Yeast dough is baked at a temperature of 170-175°C. a Lower or high temperature leads to nepropitannoy or cracking of the product.Every mistress is famous for its pies. Each has its own recipe. And not the fact that your pies turn out the same as your girlfriend or grandmother. Don't strive for it. Create your personalized cake, the taste of which will be proven and your loved ones. In addition, there is also the trick. In the manufacture of "special" pie a chance to make mistakes is minimized. Because the hand is already Packed, and the composition and temperature regimes established.