Blocking cell phone designed to protect personal data in case of theft or loss of phone. It locks the phone, barring access to the information stored on it, and preventing the use of the device. However, this code does not block data stored on the SIM card and memory card. For removing this type of blocking you will need to contact technical support for contacts with the official manufacturer's website Provide the imei number of the phone to request the code reset and code reset firmware. The first code will reset all settings, including passcode lock on the source, and the second, in addition, also erase all of your personal data stored in the memory of the phone.
You can also deal with blocking cell phone operator. In this case, the phone is blocked from using the network different from the source. When enabled with the "foreign" SIM card, you will be prompted for the unlock code. You can get it from the operator, under which it is locked. For this you will need to contact the office personally or contact, located on its official website. Provide the imei number of the phone, as well as all personal information that prompts the operator. Use the code to unlock it.
Additional code blokirovki serving to protect the SIM card is pin-code. With it blocked all information located on the SIM card. For removing a pin you can use a PAC code is on a plastic box from SIM card. In the case if this is not possible, you will need to contact the operator with which you have contracted. Provide your passport details, then you can replace the SIM card with a new one, while retaining your number.