It is difficult to imagine a happy couple without trust in it. Between a man and a woman should be a quiet confidence in each other. For this, you need to speak to your partner or partner, share your thoughts, ideas, desires and experiences. Enter in your Union tradition of talking every day. It is not necessary to keep each other kept secrets. Be sincere and honest with each other. Let your loved one the opportunity to lead a personal life. It is not necessary to claim all of time and space of his or her elect. Remember that jealousy destroys relationships. It appears when a pair is formed distrust. Save your mate from unreasonable and groundless suspicion.
Respect is also necessary for strong relationships. Sometimes someone in a couple is trying to dominate, to control the partner or partner. Understand that love is not a battlefield and not a competition about who is better, smarter, prettier or more talented. You should never try to assert themselves at the expense of a loved one, to criticize him behind his back or to sort things out on people. Appreciate your elect or chosen one, to spare the feelings of each other. If you show respect to your loved one will cherish your love, your Union will be lasting. Express your love, say compliments, show concern. Some men and women after some time, begin to neglect their partners and partners. Do not repeat this error.
Whatever strong feelings may be between a man and a woman, they may be few. Need to have some common ground, shared principles, attitudes, a similar worldview. Well, when partners have Hobbies that they can enjoy together. Well, if the guy and girl always have something to talk about. Great, if the members of the Union coincide plans for the future. If you are the chosen one constantly find in each other a reflection of your thoughts and desires, so you have every chance to live happily ever after.
Do not forget that in addition to lofty sentiments and intellectual conversations a man and a woman share a passion, libido. The intimate side of relations plays an important role. When in bed there is no harmony, the desire to possess each other disappears, the boy and the girl can move away from each other, if not to leave. Therefore, it is important to share your wishes and preferences in this area, to find ways to diversify your sex life.