I want to say that the ideal relationship is, but all people have notions about the ideal relationship is different. There are some General criteria which speak to the ideal, after reading them, you can understand how your pair close to them.

The sensual side of relationships

If the communication is based on love, then these people have the chance to create a strong and trustworthy relationship, which in the future can become a role model for other couples. But before becoming a perfect couple, you need to get a little life experience, and not to fill a bump in feelings, it is advisable to use the experience of the people you imitate.

Sincerity and frankness

An important skill of the perfect couple is not to quarrel on trifles, usually in such cases the boy and girl find a compromise, and because of this quarrel is not erupted, but rather there is a mutual understanding and peace. Not to quarrel - it does not mean that you need to keep it to myself and not to quarrel it means to be able to speak the truth, whatever it was.

There are situations when someone is something annoying, don't like, spoils the mood, know how to delicately say and not be afraid. Be sure that any truth spoken from your mouth will be accepted and heard by your partner. Remember that the showdown should be alone, on the one hand, and the right to say at once, that is not so, but from a psychological point of view quarrels from a log hut not to carry. Your spouse will not like it if the people around you will begin to say that he is wrong. There are times when you need to do it at all, but this is not always the case.

The difference of interests is not a barrier

Even if you have different interests doesn't mean you can't become the perfect couple. Let you will like different brands of coffee, Hobbies, books, movies, as long as you stretched to get to know each other better and to understand why this and not that. Every hobby has a lot to tell about the person more than he can tell about himself. This is a great way to learn and understand each other, and this is very important in an ideal relationship. Time together

Two loving hearts always want to be around, so all the free time they spend together, and the holidays they are more often than calendar. Introduction, first purchase, wedding all of these dates can be entered into the calendar as a memorable holiday.