"Was there a boy?"

In fact, pure black roses are not. Neither black nor blue. Although the development of black rose been conducted since the nineteenth century. The fact that these beauties do not exist pigment genes responsible for this color. Therefore, a positive result in the removal of black petals still unattainable.

All the roses that appear black or have in its name the word Black is actually not black but a very dark red, crimson, and purple. Some of them are so dark that distinguish nuances of tone can only be in direct sun. Artificial same way to a black rose. To do this, take a white rose and put it on some time in black ink. The petals will absorb the color black and black rose ready. Gardeners love this dark color group. Varieties – many.

Varieties of "black roses

Black Baccarra is the representative of the dark red roses. In unopened form, almost black. The flowers are double thick with a faint odor. The Bush is erect. Peduncles long, so variety is ideal for cutting. This rose has pleased fans of the black velvet color, it must be planted in partial shade.

Mildred Scheel - ginogina rose dark crimson. The diameter of the circular Cup-shaped flowers up to 11 cm long Petals velvety with a rich aroma. Move slowly, but stay long on tall upright Bush. Suitable for cutting.

Burgundy Ice - this rose color thick Burgundy wine with a black coating on the velvety petals. The Bush is erect, powerful, is literally covered with medium-sized double flowers with a diameter of 6 to 8 cm To the edges of the petals the color intensity increases. The advantages of this rose is considered a light scent and shoots almost without thorns. But the power of parental genes can manifest itself with white spots, and the whole petals of white or pink flowers.

Lavaglut - medium-sized rose is dark red in color. The diameter of the flower is 5-7 cm plush velvety Petals, in racemes of 5-15 pieces. Rose blooms all summer. A lush Bush studded with flowers, fully open, open the stamens are a Golden yellow color. This rose tolerates both Sunny and rainy weather. The smell of this variety there that can appeal to people suffering from allergies.

Fisherman's Friend is one of the most fragrant dark rose. Has a rich sweet smell. Flowers are large, dark crimson, reach a diameter of 15 cm At the beginning of flowering are shaped in the form of bowls, and as the opening petals are transformed into the socket. The Bush is tall and very prickly. Special decorativeness he gives the young shoots, eye-catching bright red thorns.