Parsley, due to its beneficial properties have long received a permanent residence permit in the diet of many families. However, this delicious and healthy greens has several properties that makes impossible its use during pregnancy. How justified are the fears of expectant mothers, eliminating the parsley from your diet?

What threatens the use of parsley

There is a belief that parsley is harmful to pregnant women. This fresh herbs contain a substance myristicin that causes muscle cramps and hallucinations. Parsley as a strong muscle stimulant can cause the uterus tone and to cause a miscarriage. In the old days healer, knowledgeable about these properties, parsley has used it for abortion. Consumed in large amounts, parsley can even induce premature birth, especially such a development in women older than 40 years.

Myristicin in parsley, which has strong hallucinogenic properties, can theoretically cause dizziness and loss of balance. However, to come to such adverse consequences, the woman needs to eat at least a bunch of parsley, but chopped a few branches, which are topped with salad, will not cause harm.

Parsley, even in small amounts, is contraindicated for pregnant women suffering from diseases of the bladder and kidneys as she has urinary and choleretic properties and increases the load on these organs. In addition, to consume a large quantity of parsley can not be pregnant, suffering from low blood pressure.

The positive properties of parsley

Some doctors recommend pregnant women to eat parsley in small amounts. It contains antioxidants that protect against luteolin – free radical, unsafe for the immunity of a woman who bears a child. Adequate amounts of antioxidants in conjunction with vitamin C that parsley is very rich, protect against infections and oxidative stress. That is why future mothers, who are often ill, often need to use this delicious and aromatic greens.

Parsley – excellent source of iron, prevents the development of anemia in pregnant women. In addition, it has a lot of calcium and vitamin K is necessary for bone formation of the fetus. Parsley is rich in folic acid, essential for proper formation of the nervous system of the baby, as well as magnesium and mineral salts responsible for the development of the embryo.

In small amounts, parsley is very useful for future mothers. By the way, if a pregnant woman suffers from pain in the joints, swelling of extremities, indigestion, bloating and gas, parsley fresh or broth will help to cope with these problems.