Of course, medicines based on herbs and teas are natural products, but they can have a negative impact on the body at the wrong reception. When taking herbal remedies it is imperative to observe the dosage, look for compatibility of one component with another. It is particularly important to take this into account when assigning medicinal products based on herbs women expecting a child.
One of the challenges pregnant women is iron deficiency, causing anemia. For example, the herb Berberis vulgaris is used for the treatment of anemic conditions, but in pregnant women it can cause spontaneous abortion. This grass is included in the fees for the treatment of kidney stones, recovery of the liver. Therefore, the acquisition of such fees is necessary to look carefully at the composition.
One of the commonly prescribed herbs in the treatment of gallstone and urolithiasis is the curly parsley. It is also an excellent diuretic, and is used in treating digestive disorders. Only here for pregnant women, it is absolutely contraindicated. Premature termination of pregnancy is one of the side effects of taking the mixture, which includes parsley curly.
Colds excellent remedy for the treatment is Salvia officinalis. However, if a pregnant woman takes this herb, you may experience violations of placental circulation. As a result, the fruit will be much to suffer from lack of oxygen, which can lead to congenital anomalies.
The wild strawberry is a strong allergen that can provoke an allergic predisposition in the fetus to certain products. Tea from strawberry leaves is used as diuretic in diseases of the intestines and stomach. Only now have pregnant this decoction can cause increased tone of the uterine walls, as well as contribute to abortion.
In any case can not accept women expecting a child, spinach and sorrel. Due to the high content of oxalic acid these herbs which can disrupt the metabolism of calcium, bone development of the child.
Even simple herbs can bring irreparable harm to the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus. So to self-medicate in any case impossible, and before using any herbal you should carefully study the composition.