First thing, no matter how tempted, not to squeeze a pimple. This can lead to the spread of infection and the emergence of new pimples, or can seriously worsen the condition of existing (to the extent that he will leave a mark). Believe me, the following ways will help you better:

  • First, a great helper in the fight against the nuisance will be degtyanoe soap. If you are constantly plagued by problems with the skin, do not be lazy to acquire in a pharmacy is a miracle tool! However, soap also helps! But remember that the first and the second very dry skin, so using moisturizer is a must!
  • Mix 200 ml of hot water, baking soda (1 tsp) and sugar (1 tsp). With the help of a cotton pad, wipe this mixture face for the entire day as often as possible.
  • Prepare a lotion made from mint: steep a tablespoon of mint 200 ml of boiling water and let steep for about 20 minutes. Then strain the infusion and add to it 1 tsp boric alcohol, 1 tsp lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of tincture of calendula. As often as possible, apply the mixture on the problem areas ... it will not be over!
  • The easiest way is just to coat the pimple with toothpaste! It perfectly dries the skin and fights germs (especially if in the composition is triclosan).
  • If a pimple just appeared, immediately lubricate it with tea tree oil or witch hazel. They are great to reduce inflammation!
  • Aspirin not only relieves fever and pain, but also can serve as a great cosmetic remedy! Crush aspirin and mix with a few drops of water. Soak in a mixture of cotton wool and attach to the site of inflammation for 15 seconds. Quickly and effective! In the same way try to apply eye drops (anti-inflammatory).
  • To get rid of the swelling and redness will help ordinary ice. Wrap the cubes in foil, wrap top with a handkerchief or towel and apply to the pimple for a quarter of an hour. The cold will cause pores to shrink and push out all the excess. The procedure can be repeated several times for greater effect.
  • Overnight pimple can be coated with honey to Manuka, and on top of sticking plaster.
  • Finally - a simple and effective mask. Mix oats, lemon juice, honey and egg protein. The resulting ointment to lubricate the problem area and leave for 20 minutes. Then wash with warm water.