Try to get rid of pimples on face at home fast for 1 day with the help of a professional beautician. You can apply in the branded beauty salon, and private beautician to have an expert come to your home with all necessary equipment. In the latter case it is necessary to verify the presence of the diploma or certificate of receipt of the relevant specialty, as well as try to find reviews online.
The process is fast get rid of acne on the face of a beautician is as follows. The patient's face steams with the help of a special device, and then the man laid on his back. The specialist will treat the skin and, using a needle, gloves and a towel, removes the stagnant pustules and comedones. The procedure is quick and delivers a minimum of discomfort. After completion you will be advised of the special care and the face. A few days the skin will be reddish, but then smoothed, and the problem of acne will cease to bother you for a long time or even forever.
The perfect tool to help get rid of acne at home in one day, is a simple iodine. Apply it on a cotton swab and cauterized each of the pimples. Since iodine evaporates quickly, repeat the procedure should be about every 3 hours. Just a day a noticeable pimples will dry up and will quickly.
Prepare a special lotion for acne of of tincture of calendula. Take two tablespoons of dried flowers and pour a quarter Cup of vodka or alcohol. Add one-third Cup of cucumber or eau de Cologne and a tablespoon of water. Mix thoroughly and leave for 1-2 days. Add 5 ml of boric acid solution and 3 ml of glycerol. Moisten lotion on a cotton pad and wipe your face every three hours. This means the recipe has been passed from generation to generation, quickly leads to the healing of acne and scars and blemishes from them.
Wash your face morning and evening with cool water with any antibacterial soap. After each procedure, you can further clean the skin with hydrogen peroxide. Once or twice a week, recommends the use of a special pharmacy scrub for deep pore cleansing. All this will help you not only quickly get rid of pimples on the face at home, but also to keep the code fresh and clean for a long time.