A collage consists of several photos, various decorative elements and effects. To create photo collages perfect software products Picasa 3 and Adobe Photoshop. Their interface is simple and straightforward. With enough shots, you're limited only by your imagination and time to create a photo collage.

How to create a photo collage in Picasa 3

Picasa 3 is a free, multifunctional program that is great for beginners trying to create your own photo collage. The first version of this program appeared more than twelve years ago. First, you must download it and install on your computer.

Then click the button "File" and add all the photos from which you plan to create a collage. In the built-in file Manager, select all photos and then click "Create collage". After these manipulations in the left column you will see two tabs. One of them, the user can adjust settings such as brightness, contrast and background of downloaded images. And the second tab has already been added all of the photos needed to create photo collage.

The usual mouse actions drag the image to the tab "Collage". To add a picture click on the icon with the green plus sign. Now click "Create collage" and then save the image in the desired format. This process can be considered completed. Photo collage is ready.

Create a photo collage in Adobe Photoshop

Specified commercial program I prefer to use, advanced users and experts in the field of graphic design. But, in principle, the program Adobe Photoshop will be able to master any user who used a simple graphic editors.

To get started, install the program on your computer and run it. Drag the photos into the program. Each uploaded image position in the right place. By using the Shift key and adjust the size of the image or flip it if necessary. All images must be placed in the desired composition.

Now create a layer for the background, and select it in the layer stack on the right. Then use the fill for the transparent areas of the background. Right-click the mouse on a layer and select "flatten image". Export your collage in a graphical format. This can be done with the button "Save". A photo collage is ready.