What is this grass

Pobedonosnaya bentgrass is low-growing cereal plant that can quickly spread over the area of the garden due to the large number of creeping tendrils, resembling a strawberry. If rooting these shoots again to form a lush Bush with a height up to 10 cm, which also gives runners. One plant bent grass for the season is able to cover an area of ½ sq. m, forming a fluffy and very beautiful carpet. It does not need constant mowing, it is not afraid of weeds.

On this carpet of grass is very pleasant to walk barefoot, it gives the garden a special charm and a natural look. This herb is recommended to plant in the fruit garden because it prevents the growth of weeds and serves as a mulch, protecting the roots of fruit trees and berry bushes from freezing and the soil from drying out.

How to plant a lawn

Although bentgrass pobedonosnaya very taxing, it requires certain conditions under which it could be possible to show their quality. One of these conditions – abundant watering. As the root system of the grass superficial, she is very sensitive to moisture content in the soil. With its lack of grass turn yellow and lose their decorative appearance, while the ability to spread her remains. After the first rains, the carpet comes to life and turns green again. Bentgrass prefers well-lit places, though tolerates partial shade. Soil for a lawn you need to prepare in advance, because bent grass is preferable-fertilized, well-drained areas without water stagnation.

How to care for the lawn of bent grass pobedonosnaya

This herb is also called the lawn for the lazy, since nursing requires very little. In the autumn before frosts must be very low to mow the grass on the lawn and rake it to the side. This is necessary in order to spring lawn does not lose its decorative effect, as the old grass will be impossible to comb, and its yellow spots will spoil all the impression from the lawn. With the onset of above-zero temperatures should be applied – to pierce with a fork the lawn in several places and water it twice a special fertilizer designed for lawn grass. That's the whole treatment.

When sowing bent grass pobedonosnaya you need to consider that it can become a persistent weed. If this grass were on the beds, get rid of her will be difficult. It is necessary to think in advance and to provide the opportunity. You can create special borders for flower beds and garden beds that will be inaccessible for this herb. In this case, no negative effect of the bent grass will not.