Advice 1: How to apply perfume to the man

Not only ladies, but also representatives of the stronger sex care of your appearance, often to the last detail considering own way. And the final touch is getting the Cologne or toilet water. However, to the beautiful aroma of sat, it must be able to correctly apply.
How to apply perfume to the man

Each perfume in her own time.

The only bottle of toilet water, even the most beloved, is not suitable for permanent use. Some flavors look better in the summer. As a rule, marine, citrus and green perfumes, whose smell is not choking and is not mixed with the smell of sweat, turning into a nasty cocktail. In winter these light odors did not sit so well, and you can use something heavier – with spices, alcohol, hints of tobacco and leather.

Do not give in to age

The age of the man affects his sense of smell (in women this trend is less pronounced). The scent is dulled, and the usual pair of "zilch" seem to be invisible. I want to pour yourself a little more flavored water to feel it. Do not succumb to this illusion. If you're not sure, ask at home or colleagues at what distance they can hear the smell coming from you. Ideally, people need to feel your perfume, only approaching you at arm's length.
Also the sense of smell can erode as a result of some diseases. After recovery, try not to overdo the amount of perfume, and to choose new flavors.

To use, but do not mix

You do not have to buy the Cologne, shampoo, shower gel and aftershave from the same collection. However, if you want the perfume was sitting on you perfectly, choose skin cosmetics with a neutral smell, which will not be compounded to your darling toilet water.

Where to apply perfume

Properly apply perfume in those places where it is possible to palpate a pulse. This wrist indentation between the collarbones, the chest in the heart area, the point behind the ears. If you are rich colognes and afraid to overdo it with the amount, make a few "zilch" up in the air and stand in a fragrant cloud, which then will sit on you.
The aroma moves up, so do not apply it exclusively to the area behind the ears he will hardly hear others.

You can put perfume on the hair, however, mention that a familiar smell to you may change. Use Cologne or toilet water should only on clean hair and in small quantities.

But to sprinkle the clothes with Cologne is not recommended. First, things may stain your perfume, and second, on some tissues smell is heard differently, and sometimes it can become unpleasant (for example, bad spirits sitting on synthetics). Apply a small amount of perfume on the wool or fur.

Advice 2 : How to apply toilet water

Toilet water is an important part of our image. Therefore, the choice of perfume is important not only to choose the most suitable flavor, but also to learn how to put it on the body. After all, as coated with toilet water, depends on the intensity and duration of flavor.
How to apply toilet water
Apply toilet water better on wet skin. Dry absorbs bad odors. So the time when you just got out of the shower, is most suitable for use perfume.
Spray the fragrance on clean skin before you dress up — this guarantees a high degree of absorption of the smell. Also do not forget that getting toilet water on clothing can not only discolor the fabric, but also seriously damage it. If all the same you had to put perfume on your clothes, remember that synthetic fabrics can significantly distort the smell, while the fur and wool are the most friendly materials for the aromas. Spraying perfume, do not forget about jewelry: the spirits can affect the luster of pearls, amber and other stones.
Today there are several methods of applying fragrance on the body. The most common is the spray on the pulse points, the neck, wrists, behind the ears and on the bends of the elbows and the chest area. The skin in these areas warm, so the smell dissipates quickly in the air. If the room temperature is high, it makes sense to apply perfume also on the ankles and under your knees.
Very good place to apply fragrance are clean hair. They also absorb the smell and retain it for a long time.
Use the toilet water several times during the day. To freshen the flavor is every three to four hours. This will allow you to smell throughout the day. Makes no sense to put on the body a large quantity of perfume at one time, it is best to have in my purse a small bottle of perfume and use it from time to time.
In addition, it is worth remembering that the food we eat, affects how the fragrance will fall on the skin. So, spicy food can make perfume smell is much more intense than it really is. Smoking and consumption of drugs can also change the flavor. The increase in body temperature enhances the smell of perfume.Thus, today there are not only several ways of applying fragrance on the body but a number of features of conservation on the skin.

Advice 3 : How to apply perfume

Today, almost all women enjoy perfume. However, not all know how to apply it so that was the flavor, not suffocating odor. But this unpleasant effect can be avoided if you know how to use perfume.
How to apply perfume
Start to understand the difference between perfume and toilet water. Perfume – the most concentrated substance content of the composition is about 30 percent, followed by perfume with concentration of the extract about 20 percent; the least concentrated and persistent toilet water that contains up to 10 percent of fragrance. Based on these considerations, dosage, use perfume and do not go overboard with scents.
First of all, remember that you should never put perfume on clothes. Woven fabrics of artificial staple fibers can change the sound of the fragrance, and the perfume can leave on clothes derivable spots.
Before applying the aroma, take a shower, then the notes will sound cleanly.
It is believed that hair keep a good smell when they clean.
Traditionally, the perfume applied behind the ears. Try to add the aroma of and other points, for example, in the folds of the elbows, behind the knees, on the wrists and neck.
Try on the advice of Estee Lauder spray perfume in the air and enter the cloud in the Nude. So the flavor will spread evenly on your skin and hair.
If you use toilet water, refresh it every 4 hours. Spirits re-application is not usually required, but in the evening you can add 1-2 drops.
To enhance the strength of flavor, ask the store lotion or body cream with the scent of your favorite perfume and use them before applying the actual fragrance.
It is also believed that the fragrance lasts longer on well hydrated skin, so use moisturizing creams and lotions for the body, but choose those that do not have a smell. Never mix flavors!
If during the deposition you realize that you overdid it with the application of a perfume, take a shower. If this is not possible, wipe with a damp towel.
Remember that the rules of etiquette dictate that the fragrance should be of a lightweight non-Intrusive plume, not suffocating cloud. Experts on etiquette are sure that your scent should feel only those who are suited to you closer than arm's length. Those who are further, have to smell your perfume.
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