The word "mananita" comes from the French "mélanger — to mix. It is a dish, divided internally into several cells, allowing in a limited space of one table put on same plate, a few dishes, most salads, mixing them together.

What are menancy

Shapes, sizes, material and even purpose of menainc are the most diverse. Basically it is, of course, the subject of the decoration of the festive table. There is a huge variety of this ware.

Usually mananita — quite a large dish, round, oval or square shape, divided by partitions into several sections. Divisions in menance can be any number of two or more. There are also "composite" menancy — on a pedestal is placed a few small bowls. Often stand for menancy is done with a rotating disk, and each guest can easily rotate it to a desired party.

To save the dishes from drying out and to maintain the necessary temperature are made menancy with lids for each section are particularly useful in this case transparent cover.

For desserts and fruits designed vertical menancy — several dishes of different size, located at the same base in several tiers. Such vases menancy allow beautifully and economically to accommodate all the necessary for the tea party, without cluttering the table.

Menancy are made from various materials — from silver and crystal for the holiday table, to disposable, cardboard, plastic, or foil, is indispensable for picnics or Lunches in the field.

How to use menancy

They are used mainly to ensure that in each section put a different kind of salad, preventing them from mixing. Sometimes sections don't lay a ready-made salad, and its components and refueling, in this case, each of the guests mix in their plate of salad, based on their culinary preferences. It is comfortable and in holiday, and during lunch. It is good and when serving entrees — different departments can put some garnishes and sauces.

The ability to download the table with many dishes, bowls and gravy boats, to lay the table in the same style — all successfully selected mananita.

Essential menancy and for those who have to take lunch with you — a sealed container with divisions allows you to pack a few dishes and refills in one compact container.

Thus mananita is a very useful item of tableware and in holiday and weekdays. This is a wonderful acquisition, as well as need and a nice gift.