The right to health

One of the first items in the list of rights - the right to health. A child who is in kindergarten, has the right to expert assistance, which should be on time. If a baby is sick in the garden, the staff shall immediately notify the parents and ask permission to give the necessary medication.

No one has a right, even a nurse, vaccinations, medication without parental permission. It often happens that, in making the garden a mass vaccination, parents should not ask their child to be vaccinated. This is a direct violation of rights. For this attitude on the staff can write a complaint. And moreover, no one can be forced to have the child vaccinated and scare that he will be permitted to enter kindergarten. Unvaccinated child to attend kindergarten. If the child is permitted to enter, remember that such rights are not specified.

The right to physical and creative development

Preschool institution shall develop a comprehensive child. A prerequisite for kindergarten – the presence of developmental activities, games, clubs, which will allow the child to Express and develop their abilities. In any kindergarten provides full-time teachers able to develop kids both mentally and physically. For each age group the individual program of development based on children's specific age. If children are only playing, watching cartoons or running around the street, then their rights are being violated. In kindergarten, the child, in addition to the games, needs to be occupied mentally.

Time for a game too, right

In the garden everything should be equal. As there is a designated time in different occupation, and allocated statutory clock for the game. In kindergarten, the child must relax to feel free and to feel, of course, myself as a child. Outdoor games are compulsory. To put the kids for half a day to watch cartoons is unacceptable.

The right to protect their interests

If a child needs something, the tutor is obliged to respond to his request. He wants to use the toilet, get a drink of water or to change out wet t-shirt – no request should be ignored. It often happens that the child, for example, spilled or dirty and asks him to change clothes, and the teacher or nurse, busy with other things, allows the baby to go wet or dirty. If the child said he was cold, tired, not feeling well, in respect to toddler, you need to immediately take action.

The right to respect for

To think that a child can yell at you, rude to pull a hand or constantly shaming in front of other guys, so flagrantly violate the rights of the child. Maltreatment of children, which includes both physical and moral violence, entails criminal liability.

Unfortunately, this right is violated in preschool more often. Although the rights of the child clearly stipulates that children shouldn't raise my voice, call them, curse at all, "distribute" clips, to neglect their needs. All this has to be stopped by parents.

The right to food

One of the main requirements for children's institutions of all types is the organization of nutrition. Quality and healthy food strengthens and develops the child's body. Kids just need enough, and most importantly, proper nutrition. Parents need to monitor what they feed their offspring. If they spotted expired products burned to a crisp or undercooked food products that children are not – you should immediately complain to higher authorities. Violations also are too small portions or monotonous diet. By the way, to make the child eat what he doesn't like or doesn't want too.

Parents are required to monitor compliance with the rights of the child. First and foremost, a children's garden, where to walk your child must meet all quality standards. You should pay attention to the professionalism of teachers and other personnel, to check, what to feed children, what programs develop kids. All your observations of each parent can convey to a head of a kindergarten. If the complaints of parents garden guide pays no attention, not some measures on elimination of problems, you need to seek assistance to law enforcement agencies.