First and foremost, you'll get a young professional, came under the distribution is the employment and 31 days, and graduates of pedagogical universities - 45 day. If you arrived at work with the direction, you'll provide a workplace in accordance with your specialty. To refuse without justifiable reasons the employer has no right.
Second and no less important, young professionals rely financial assistance in the form of compensation for relocation to another city (for the graduate and for his entire family, if applicable); payment of expenses for transportation of personal belongings (furniture etc.) up to 500 km on one and up to 150 km on each family member; per diem, as when on a business trip, for the days of moving; wages for days of fees and transfers at the rate of (not >6 days); one-time financial assistance in the amount of salary for the month.
Also graduates may be paid using cash, equal to the average scholarship over the past months of study. The employer is obliged to pay the money within one month from the beginning of the work and labor contract.
Graduates of pedagogical higher education institutions can count on financial assistance for 45 days from the regional authorities from calculation of an average scholarship for the last months of study. If prior to the appointment of graduates have not received financial aid, they will receive a payout based social grants.
Some of the employers collective agreement includes a salary increase for young professionals by 50%.
For doctors, teachers and agricultural workers, placed in the budget of the organization, also established a monthly grant to young professionals during the first two years of operation, the size of which depends on the time worked, but not more than one salary. In addition, if the representatives of these professions work in a radioactive zone (e.g. in Chernobyl), you can count on a deferment from the army, and to the annual allowance: from the 1st to the 2nd year of operation – 20 times the minimum wage, from the 2nd to the 3rd year of operation – 25 and 3-year work – 30.
Graduates of certain professions, who started his career in rural areas, can receive subsidies from the state. For example, a young doctor working in a rural area, will receive about $ 1 000 000 rubles compensation.
In any case, when applying for a job, be sure to examine your employment contract and, subsequently, the collective agreement of the organization, which must be negotiated, the terms of such benefits and payments for young professionals.