You will need
  • The pruner.
Spruce pruning is of two types – sanitary and decorative. It is recommended to spend once a year - from late June to mid-July. During this period, the shoots of a tree ceases to grow, and after cutting eliminates the appearance of new secondary shoots.
During a sanitary trim removing all the damaged, dry, broken, twisted and hanging down branches and coppice shoots are removed. Developing a beautiful, ventilated and pervious to light evenly chart.
When pruning branches, aging or dry tops of capture and living part of the wood. If the branch is dried completely, cut it at the base.
Conducting sanitary treatment of wood, please note the location of the branches. Be sure to trim small shoots in the crown were eating, sticking up at a right or acute angle. Growing, they can reach the same wood thickness, and a strong wind to break, leaving a nasty chip, spoiling the appearance of the tree.
Made cuts exceeding 1.5 cm in diameter, should be left just like that. Such a wound can get contaminated with bacteria and cause various fungal diseases that can even lead to complete drying of the whole tree. To prevent this, spread the slice with pine tar, which emit fir.
If broken-top spruce, trim the broken branch to the underlying. And then straighten past straight up so that it was a continuation of the trunk, and secure it to the rail.
Decorative trim eating is a real art. It formed a beautiful crown of the tree. To create the perfect conical shape each tier is usually made shorter than the lower one-third. Decorative trim must take place in conjunction with sanitary.