Why we need managers

Manager, answering phone calls of clients receiving their orders and consulting them is an important link and facilitator between customers and service providers. How it works depends on how the quality of service and address whether the client to the firm again.

Most companies working in the field of passenger and cargo transportation, used in the work of dispatching service special software or basic database, which is being carried out using spreadsheets. Manager, whose responsibilities also includes advising clients on tariff plans, etc., taking the order, enters it into the database by forming an electronic application and thereby connecting the system alerts drivers. The one who is taken for the execution of the order, and entered into a database. The Manager must track the status of order fulfillment, liaising with the customer and with the driver, he must be ready at any moment to respond to force majeure and to promptly take a decision on the replacement of the driver or cancellation of the order.

The duties of a traffic controller is much broader. It is necessary to search for orders and downloads on the territory, including international. To this end, it is necessary to view a large amount of information on the Internet and make numerous phone calls. To intercity transport car companies are not moving empty, you need to find the order, to negotiate with the customer, and as long as the package is delivered to the destination, to be in constant communication with the driver and the customer with operational control.

Requirements Manager

No special requirements level of education in this profession no, but any Manager will need a good knowledge of the basics of computer literacy, as well as some personal quality, without which in this profession is simply nothing to do. This trait of character is a good learning, attention, responsibility and stress. In addition, the work Manager, constantly communicate with people, you will need good speech and good diction, the ability to briefly and logically present information. Not interfere with high performance and Pro-active attitude and ability to behave in hands and to always remain polite and friendly, being able at the same time stop unnecessary conversations and debates.