In order to develop such a skill of fast and quality memory, you need to follow some rules. First and foremost, get the pleasure of the surrounding you – your brain is able to store only the data that interested him. Try to develop interest in as many of the manifestations of the surrounding world.
Be patient – haste does not help you absorb information. You need time to relax and gradually achieve results, not striving for instant success. The ability to relax is very important for those who want to achieve any mental heights.
Learn to calm down and focus on the Essentials. Reduce the number of stressful situations, stop worrying and gain confidence.
Be choosy: identify what you want to keep and what not will do you no good, and therefore does not deserve the effort. Try to choose information to remember selectively.
Your physical health is a key aspect of mental health. Watch your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get rid of bad habits, eat right, exercise – it will help to train the brain and strengthen the memory.
Memory regularly do a simple exercise: memorize poems, memorize addresses and phone numbers, solve crosswords, puzzles, riddles and puzzles, read books and try to remember their contents.