You will need
  • soda;
  • vinegar and citric acid;
  • paper towels;
  • gloves
Use cleaning products with abrasive effect and apply a metal sponge or powder for cleaning the microwave absolutely not! Damage to delicate internal coating on the walls will inevitably lead to failure of the device. If the stove cannot accommodate the self-cleaning function, to cope with the pollution special funds for the microwave, is able to solve the issue. In the accompanying instructions explains how to administer the medication to remove contaminants. Especially convenient to use sprays - they are easy to put on wall. The kit of many tools included special sponge and gloves to protect your hands.
To save money spent on the purchase of household chemicals can be tested with traditional methods. They use only natural substances, after which there is no danger that poorly washed chemicals will cause harm, will affect the taste and smell of food. Each family always has such necessary things as soda, vinegar and citric acid. They will not only help in removing fat, but also eliminate odors.
If the contamination is minor enough to put in the microwave glass half-filled with water and turn it on for 15 minutes. Boiling the water will evaporate under the influence of steam, dirt and grease will soften to the point where they can be easily removed. Pre-adding water a few tablespoons of ordinary baking soda, you can significantly enhance the effect. To remove plaque from the walls after the process of steaming is better to use paper towels, because the sponge or rag to wash after this process will be impossible.
Good effect in cleaning the microwave give acidic media. In a bowl of warm water, add 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar and leave for 5 minutes in the stove. Vinegar can replace the citric acid which will take about a tutu on a glass of water. After switching off the device does not need immediately to open the door, it will take another 15-20 minutes to the vapor from the solution is well acted for contamination. After that open the microwave and carefully wipe all internal surfaces.
Practical housewife will never throw away orange skins. They are placed in a bowl of water and put in the included microwave. This is also a great folk remedy for cleaning microwave ovens. We recommend that you clean the microwave at least 1 time per week, to condition its inner surface was perfect. Do not neglect the advice of manufacturers should be covered with a lid when cooking or warming food.