You will need
  • Microwave
  • - Soft sponge
  • Acetic or citric acid
  • - A glass of water
Before cleaning the microwave, you should know that its internal surface is covered with a special substance designed to reflect microwaves. This layer is quite thin and easy to destroy abrasive materials. So it doesn't pay to clean the microwave with baking soda and other tools that can scratch the surface of the furnace.
Oven wash only with a soft cloth or sponge, avoiding placing stress on wall and friction on them. But what to do if the walls settled and stuck spots, and wipe them does not work.
In this case, take a bowl or glass of water, dissolve it in a small amount of vinegar or citric acid. Place a glass in the microwave and turn on the oven at maximum power for 5 minutes. Wait after disconnection for 10-15 minutes to stain completely soaked. Open the door, wipe the inside walls with a damp sponge.
Under the influence of acid all the dirt will drip to remove it'll work without any difficulty and much effort. When wiping try to prevent wicking of moisture from the lips through the bars that are on the walls. This can lead to premature deterioration of the appliance.
To avoid re-contamination microwave in the near future, look for a special large lid made of plastic, which can cover any heats up or preparing the dish. This cover perfectly transmits itself through the waves, but does not give liquids and fats to spill on the wall oven has saved them from pollution.
Such a cover be washed much easier than the microwave, especially since it easily fits in a standard dishwasher.