Medicine "MONORAL" is assigned for the treatment of acute bacterial cystitis, but also in the recurrence of the disease. The drug is indicated for nonspecific bacterial urethritis, asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnant women. In addition, the "MONORAL" is used for the treatment and prevention of urethral infections during the diagnostic and surgical procedures.
"MONORAL" is available in packages of 2 and 3 g. take Medication 2 hours before or after a meal. At the same time for maximum efficiency drinking cure is recommended before bedtime. Before use this tool you need to empty the bladder.
The dosage for adults is 3 g. Children older than 5 years "Monural" once allowed in the amount of 2 g. Before use, the pellets should be emptied from the package into the beaker, add 70 ml of water at room temperature and thoroughly stir the contents until the powder is completely dissolved.
Take "Monural" 1 times a day. Treatment usually lasts 1 day. In the case of severe infections, as well as recurrent forms of the disease, including the elderly, may be assigned additional medication. It is 24 hours after the first, in the same dosage.
During surgical procedures, as well as carrying out diagnostic procedures of the urinary tract the drug "Monural" take to prevent infection. In this case, 1 pack of medications should drink for 3 hours prior to these procedures. After 24 hours reception means in a dosage of 3 g should be repeated.
For persons with renal insufficiency dose should be reduced. If necessary, re-use means the interval between doses should be increased. The exact amount of drug and frequency of its application in individuals with impaired renal function should be determined by the doctor.
"Monural" contraindicated in children under 5 years, patients with severe renal failure (KK < 10), and persons allergic to components of this medication, including intolerance to fosfomycin trometamol. The drug contains sucrose, which should be considered for people with diabetes. Pregnant and lactating women "Monural" can be taken only for health reasons.