Light and moisture

Broccoli is an annual crop. Likes moisture, and light. To heat less demanding, heat above +25°C does not tolerate. It's the most undemanding and the most fruitful culture of all other types of cabbage. It, subject to certain conditions, even can be grown on the windowsill.

It is a culture quite precocious. The first harvest will be ready in 40 days after transplanting. Head broccoli have a nice green color, quite large, about 500 g in weight. Indoors they will grow smaller, not more than 350 g.

A distinctive feature of broccoli is that after removing the Central head from the lateral buds begin to grow newer shoots that give a small weight (150-200 g) heads, which taste qualities are not inferior to large Central heads.

The cultivation of seedlings

For cultivation of broccoli in the home will need to first grow seedlings. Seedlings broccoli seeds are sown in late may, but you can grow a plant in the apartment all year round. Seedlings appear quickly – in five days. But to transplant into large containers the seedlings will be ready only in a month after sowing seeds. Great condition – no artificial supplementary lighting in the autumn and winter any vegetables in the apartment will not grow.

When growing broccoli in the apartment the plant you will need quite a lot of light and moisture. Moreover, the moisture should be not only in the soil but in the air.

You should choose varieties that are loyal to low light, better greenhouse.

Home "garden" with broccoli will be OK on the windowsill, heated loggias and balconies that overlook the South and East sides. For every Bush broccoli will need at least a bucket of soil.

Seedlings of broccoli grown in the fertile soils of loam, humus with addition of wood ash and coarse sand (half-liter jar). Before sowing seeds need to etch, to calibrate, to soak in an aqueous solution of micro - and macroelements, and sprout. Then sow in pots to a depth of 1.5-2 cm and sprinkle moist soil, not compacting.

Until emergence, the soil temperature should be at +20...25°C. After germination, the pots should be placed in a very bright place.

After the appearance and development of three true leaves, plant with root ball of earth are transplanted into large containers. After engraftment times a week you can start feeding the plants with a solution of mineral and (alternating) organic fertilizers.