Broccoli can be grown seedlings and seeds. Soil better prepare in the autumn make organic fertilizer, lime, and dig. Seedlings of cabbage are sown in mid-March in a mixture of soil, sand, peat and compost in equal amounts. 40-45 days with the appearance of 5-6 leaves of seedlings can be planted in the open ground.
Between the rows is sufficient 50-60 cm between plants is 40-45 cm In the wells, it is desirable to make half a Cup of wood ash. It is important when planting to the soil around the Bush was sealed. In soft ground they do not survive. Strengthen young plants can tolerate frosts as low as -10°C.
When growing seeds planting scheme remains the same as in seedling method. If seeds were sown in rows, then you will need to thin out seedlings.
Broccoli grows well with regular watering. Necessary weeding and fertilizing. Feeding usually made two weeks after planting the seedlings, and after heavy rains. The soil around the plants loosened and Spud.
This kind of cabbage, quite resistant to many diseases and pests. In the summer to protect the plants from cabbage white, you can set it loose lutrasilom.
Broccoli grows a lot of heads-inflorescences. It is important to cut them so as not to lose original flavor. Unlike cauliflower harvest of broccoli can take a long time.
In the food use head buds and young stems of plants. To preserve the useful properties it is better to cook steamed or blanched for 5-7 min.