The germination of seeds

Broccoli seeds subjected to calibration by using sieves with a mesh size of 1.5 mm. Cultivation of the cabbage will be much more successful if you Wake up dormant in the seed germ. To do this, seeds are placed in a bag made of cloth and dipped in water with a temperature of 50 degrees for 15 minutes. After that, the bag 1 minute hold in cold water.

For 12 hours seeds soaked in the mineral solution. You can use a product such as "EPIN-extra". Further, within days the seeds kept in the refrigerator.

During this time, prepare the soil, which should consist of equal quantities of turf, peat and sand. The soil filled a shallow rectangular container.

Buried seeds in the soil no deeper than the 1st, see otherwise the germination will be uneven. In open ground the seedlings are transplanted 35-45 days when the plants will be formed not less than 5-7 true leaves.

Transplant into the ground

Land prepared for planting in the autumn. The area, which seedlings shall be well-lit. The soil is dug up and populates it with lime or baking soda, how to grow broccoli in acidic soil very difficult.

Before planting, the ground should be loosened and to make organic fertilizer. You can use horse manure or liquid mullein, making a bucket of fertilizer per 1 sq. m. To each well add a tablespoon of ash and a teaspoon of urea. Dug wells at a distance of 35 cm from each other. Between the rows leave the aisles of 60 cm

Care for broccoli

Every week, you should loosen the soil to a depth of 8 cm Periodically broccoli abundantly watered, as the plant belongs to the hygrophilous. During the growing season you need 2 times to do the feeding.

First time fertilizers are applied 20 days after transplanting of seedlings in the open ground. 10 days later do the second feeding. Around the plant it is advisable to sprinkle the ground with ash to protect it from most pests and to prevent souring of the soil. Be sure to pull out all the weeds that inhibit the growth of broccoli.

The harvest

To remove head recommended until they are tightly closed. Typically, the diameter of the head in this case is 8-25 cm weight 400-600 grams. The cut heads should be along with the stem with a length of 10-20 cm, which can also be used as food.

If harvest in the morning dew, broccoli heads for a long time will not wither. Keep the cabbage should be refrigerated no longer than a week.