The denim shirt with jeans

When you select the top and bottom of denim to prefer different shades, not to look monotonous and dull. Shirts may be light blue or even white, and jeans a few shades darker. Stylishly will look a set of denim shirts with skinny jeans. A good option is to use a denim shirt as a jacket. Under the unbuttoned shirt, you can wear a t-shirt, t-shirt or top. In this case, color of shirt and jeans can match while the contrasting element will be t-shirt (top, turtleneck). The image was unusual, you can use the right accessories, including gold or silver jewelry, chunky bracelets, stones. Depending on the selected accessories to become a stylish, slightly extravagant or frivolous. Important part in the combination of denim shirt and jeans is shoes. The best option would be the boots or shoes, and from the feminine and elegant shoes with heels should be abandoned so as not to ruin the outfit.

Denim shirt with other pants

Denim shirt looks great with dress pants. Straight-cut grey trousers, a denim shirt and blazer is a combination that will allow you to look stylish. Will complete the look of heels with a closed toe or ballet flats. Jewelry in this case should be simple and unobtrusive.

Leather trousers, tapered towards the bottom, are another option that you can use to create an interesting rock-and-roll image. You can wear only a shirt, but if you want to emphasize feminine and sexy shape, it is possible to wear the shirt. This kit will fit oxfords and large jewelry steel shades.

If the shirt is long, it is permissible to wear it with leggings. They can be black or with a metallic sheen.

The denim shirt with shorts and Capri

Denim shirt looks very stylish with shorts, capris or other cropped trousers in white. A good idea to look hem with gray or white stripes. If the pants are large, the shirt should be slim-fitted and tapered with shorts or Capri pants can be safely combined spacious denim shirt. Because both the shirt and shorts are the daily items of clothing, need to wear them with sandals and ballet flats, not womens shoes or boots.