Seals in the uterus or endometritis

Endometrium – the inner membrane of the uterus, which changes its structure during the menstrual cycle. He Matures and grows anew each cycle, in preparation for the attachment of a fertilized egg, and then he rejected, if pregnancy does not occur. The normal uterine cavity lined with endometrium and protected from penetration of various infections. But in certain circumstances, infectious organisms can enter the uterus and cause an inflammatory process in its inner layer the endometriosis.

Causes of endometritis

A major role in the causes of endometritis plays weakening of protective mechanisms preventing the penetration of infectious agents inside the genital organs. This occurs for the following reasons:

Birth injuries – ruptures of vagina, perineum, cervix during childbirth lead to the penetration of infectious agents into the uterine cavity;

Chemical, mechanical, thermal factors, which can injure the vaginal mucosa is a frequent douching, poor cleanliness of the genital organs, the use of a spermicidal vaginal means change the natural microflora of the vagina and its natural protective properties;

Childbirth, menstruation, abortion.


1. Periodic sharp pain in the abdomen, which intensified at the end or before menstruation.

2. The transition pain in the sacral and lumbar spine, in the crotch region.

3. Bloating, itching, heat in the perineum and small pelvis.

4. Violation of menstruation cycle (delay, uterine bleeding, dysmenorrhea, postmenstrual and premenstrual spotting).

5. Change in libido, vaginismus, anorgasmia, dyspareunia (sexual dysfunction).

6. Psycho-emotional disorders.

7. Abnormal discharge from the vagina or cervix – proteins: liquid, Muco-purulent, often with a bad odor.

8. General fatigue, fever, weakness.

9. Frequent defecation (as the occurrence of dysfunction of the rectum).

10. Frequent urination with sharp pains, tingling.

Diagnosis of endometritis

The study of the fallopian tubes and uterus by x-ray with injection of contrast into the uterus is called hysterosalpingography. Cervical erosion, which was not cured in time, and diseases of the genital organs contribute to the destruction and oppression saprophytic autoflora of the vagina.

Women use tampons

Tampons accumulate the presence of blood absorb the blood, which creates a favorable environment for rapid reproduction of microorganisms, inhibiting natural protective mechanisms of the vagina.