Pus is always a sign of inflammation. His appearance may be accompanied by different diseases. To determine what the disease it, you need to pay attention not only on the nature of the discharge, but also on accompanying symptoms.

Infectious diseases of the vagina

One of the most common causes of purulent vaginal discharge – gynecologic infection, particularly trichomoniasis. In this disease there are abundant foamy discharge with a greenish-yellow color. From the moment of infection until the discharge may take 5-15 days. In addition to the discharge of trichomoniasis evidenced by itching and burning in the vagina, pain during intercourse and while urinating.

Similar symptoms characterized by another disease bacterial vaginitis. If purulent discharge appeared on the background of General decline in immunity after a course of antibiotics after delivery or any gynecologic surgery – most likely, we are talking about bacterial vaginitis.

Inflammation of internal genital organs

Cause of purulent secretions can become inflamed not only the vagina but also the uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries. This symptom indicates the extent of the disease. There are scant, thick green highlight color, mixed with mucus released from the cervical canal. Selection accompanied by a General deterioration of health, the menstrual cycle and pain in the lower abdomen that increases during exercise.

Other diseases

Pus may be caused by such diseases that are not directly related to the genitals. It can be hidden infections, caused by conditionally pathogenic flora: Enterococcus, E. coli. Often such infections develop on the background of Mycoplasma or chlamydia.

Such diseases can occur in a latent form, from time to time appearing purulent secretions that pass without any treatment, but periodically returned.

The nature of the purulent secretions and accompanying symptoms can only speculate about the possible causes. An accurate diagnosis can only gynecologist on the basis of the results of the analysis. Self-medication for purulent vaginal discharge is unacceptable.

Trichomoniasis and some other infectious diseases should be treated, not only the woman but also her sexual partner.