You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - successful picture.
To get acquainted on a Dating site, first find the appropriate website and register. Better to look for popular resources, they are visited by more people. The registration procedure is usually simple. You will need to provide your name, city of residence, email and contact details. Then you can move on to the next stage.
A very important point – filling out the questionnaire. You need to tell about yourself in detail. Write about your interests, habits, Hobbies, character traits. It is not necessary to distort information, in the end, all secrets will still be revealed. But to paint all its shortcomings is not worth it, you will be able to tell in person. Remember that the questionnaire is not a file and not a resume, so you should not write on the template. Information should be provided original and creative. Humor is not only valid, but encouraged. You can use the quotes and catchphrases, but don't overdo it. Fill in all, re-read and correct any errors. Profile – a business card, so it all has to be perfect.
Strike up an acquaintance on the website is impossible without photos. If the photo you have is not, then many people might think that your appearance is far from ideal. So pick a few of your most successful photos to the opponent is able to assess you from different angles. If you want to process photos in the program "Photoshop", don't overdo it, because you plan to meet with someone in real life. Other people's photos or beautiful pictures do not need to use, they will not attract anyone.
Many websites ask users to specify the desired data of your opponents and also looking. Don't lie and write about everything honestly. If you plan acquaintance for sex, please indicate this to weed out those for whom this is not an option. If you want a serious relationship, write about it.
Start communication on a Dating site really is not as easy as it may seem. Platitudes long izezzhena and original and interesting people did not mesh. Poems and well-known winged words too, no surprise. Search for an individual approach to each person after examining his / her profile. Be honest and Frank, control your speech and do not try to be clever.