You will need
  • computer with Internet access
  • a sense of humor
You first need to register on the Mamba. Registration is simple and takes only a few minutes. You need to specify the e-mail address, name, city of residence, date of birth, your gender and expected gender of the partner. Profile password will be sent in the mail, it is possible at any time to change to a more memorable. To activate the questionnaire need to provide the mobile phone number and when you receive an SMS with a confirmation code, enter this code. Congratulations, you are registered!
To begin to meet new people, you need to add a photo. According to statistics, users with a photo get 10 times more messages. The photo must be of excellent quality, it is best if taken by a professional photographer, it should not be strangers and must show your face. Much attention is attracted to profiles with lots of photos, especially if they are seen as you actively spend time. It is not necessary to put the same type of photos, especially photos taken from a mobile phone in the mirror.
Next, the questionnaire needs to be filled. Do not be limited to the standard questions about weight, height, marital status. The questionnaire has fields for answers in free form, they need to be used to the maximum. Sense of humor and originality are welcome.
After completing the questionnaire, you can already begin to get acquainted. Go to the search page and set the parameters: sex of the partner and age. If you use the paid services then you can extend the list of parameters, for example, to specify the purpose of Dating. Service Mamba allows you to select from a list of only those profiles whose owners are in this moment online. Selecting a few interesting questionnaires begin to chat.
Do not start a conversation with banal phrases "hi! How are you?" To come up with the original first phrase, often enough to look into the profile of the interlocutor, surely there will be a reason to ask an interesting question or make a compliment. If you can not service the Mamba allows you to select one of the messages generated by the system.
Shouldn't be too Intrusive and try from the first minute to find out about the person the whole story. Your goal is to create interest and to continue the acquaintance. After a couple of days of chatting you can already call on the phone and meet, for example, in the coffee shop to meet in person.