The treatment of uterine fibroids without surgery is possible, but only under the supervision of a physician. The effectiveness of conservative therapy depends on the patient's age, health, severity of symptoms, type of fibroids, its growth, and growth rate. A requirement for such treatment - complete diagnostics and dynamic observation of tumor times a year, carried out under ultrasound control.

Nutrition therapy and vitamin therapy of uterine fibroids

Before starting drug treatment of uterine fibroids should be to correct the diet of the patient and give her some simple advice. From the diet is necessary to completely eliminate salty and spicy meals, limiting fats and carbohydrates.

Prohibited when fibroids heat treatments: sauna, steam bath, Hiking in the Solarium or on the beach. Physiotherapy and massage can trigger the growth of tumors. Therefore, such therapeutic methods should be deleted, even if they are assigned to eliminate comorbidities.

Vitamin therapy is effective only in case of its regular carrying out. Vitamins should be taken with a couple of months, but at least six months continuously. Folic acid and b vitamins is recommended to take in the first phase of the menstrual cycle — in the first 14 days, and vitamin C and E in the second phase of the cycle, from 16 to 28 days.

Drug treatment of uterine fibroids

Since the origin of the tumor associated with hormonal disorders in women, hormone therapy is necessary to treat it. For this purpose, the low-dose progestins and monophasic estrogen — progestin oral contraceptives. They prevent further growth of the myoma and prevent its malignancy. These drugs are not the main therapeutic agents, but give a good effect. The most common drugs are: "Janine", "LOGEST", "Marvilon".

Chemicals acting on the tumor, leading to its compaction and reduced the size by reducing blood flow in it. There are 2 groups of drugs used for conservative treatment of uterine fibroids in women of different ages. Women of childbearing age is shown taking derivatives of 19-norsteroids. These products reduce the blood loss during menstruation, which contributes to the normalization of hemoglobin level in the blood. These include "Monitor", which take one tablet with 16 for 25 day of a menstrual cycle. The duration of treatment from 6 months. up to a year.

Women older than 45 years consider taking agonists gonadotropin-releasing hormone, under the action of which is extinguished ovarian function and menopause occurs. The most popular drug in this group is "Buserelin". Use it in the form of injections 3 times a day.