Open the HTML file you want to edit, using is installed on the computer of the editor. To add the required tags you can use the standard "Notepad", right-clicking on the modified document and selecting the submenu "Open with" - > "Browse" - "the Notebook". Among alternative programs for more convenient work out the necessary operations, you can use Notepad++ and Microsoft FrontPage available to download on the Internet.
Navigate to the section of text you want to edit and begin typing the necessary descriptors. To change the size and color are available tag attributes <font></font>. Specify the color parameter to set the desired shade. Colors can be entered as according to their English name, and using the palette in hexadecimal format.
The face option allows you to change the font type. Size is used to specify the size of the letters on the line from pin 1 to 7 (default is 3). For example:

<font color = “red” face = “fantasy” size = “6”>Modified</font>

In this case the phrase will be painted red up to size 6 and receive a decorative fantasy font.
To highlight parts of the text in a separate paragraph use the tag <p></p>. With it, you can adjust the location of the site on the page via an additional parameter align. For example:

<p align = “center”>center Alignment</p>
<p align = “left”>left aligned</p>
<p align = “right”>right aligned</p>
For output italic text use the tag <i></i>, by enclosing the word or phase in between the opening and closing descriptors. To make letters bold, use <b></b>. Suitable for underline <u></u>. To cross out text using <strike></strike>. To print the number in Superscript, use <sup></sup>, and displays the appropriate numbers or letters in subscript use the <sub></sub>. All of these tags can be used within <font></font>.
To do text wrapping on the line down in the HTML provided descriptor. <br>. To create a separate horizontal line tag <hr>. For example:

<i>Italic text</i><br><strike>Strikethrough</strike><hr>
2*2 = 2<sup>2</sup>