To process the payment edit the original text of the document with the extension .html open you use a text editor (e.g. Notepad). Click "File" - "Open" and browse to the page whose code you want to change. Then press the Enter button of the keyboard and start editing the necessary section of the document.


Change of font size is done via the handle <font></font>. Within this tag you can specify the height of letters and their colors. Enclosed between the opening and closing elements of the text to be displayed in accordance with the settings:

<font size = “15”>Any text</font>
The letters written between <font> and </font> will have a 15 size due to the preset size parameter.

Save your changes to apply the settings. You can close the editor window and double click on the HTML page to open it in a browser window. To run the program for viewing web pages you can also right-click on the document and select "Open with". In the list of programs select your browser.


The use of cascading style sheets allows you to fine-tune the font settings. With code you can change the display settings for the text displayed on the page or for individual items (e.g. headers). CSS can be specified in the body of the document (<body>and</body>), but the easiest way to write need guidelines in the descriptor <head></head> by including the command in the <script></script>.

Setting changes the font size meets the font-size attribute. The described value can be specified in pixels (px), points (pt) and percent (%). For example:

the <head><title>Change font size</title>
body { font-size: 13pt; }
h1 { font-size: 200%; }
p { font-size: 15px; }

In this example, the size for text entered in the body of the page, is 13 points. Any letters that are between the tags <h1></h1> will be increased in 2 times (100% relative to the original size). The text specified between the descriptors <p></p>, will have 15 pixels. It should be noted that the parameters set for each page element separately, will have priority over the more General values. For example:

<p>a bold paragraph</p>
<p style = “font-size: 18px”>Modified paragraph</p>

In accordance with the instructions in the <head> rule text between the tags <p></p> must have a size of 15px. However, the font in the second paragraph will have a size 18 because the code specified in the body of the document often has priority over common parameters recorded in the <head></head>.