Use the attribute color to specify the color to be displayed on a page of text placed between the opening<font> and closing</font> tags defining the font parameters . For example:
<font color="#ff0000">Red font</font>
Here the font color specified hexadecimal code #ff0000, but for basic colors and some named shades you can use text ("mnemonic") English meaning. For example, #ff0000 can be replaced by Red.
Specify the desired shade of color in the style attribute, if you want to change the color of text that is placed inside a block or line item page. For example, if a piece of text inside a block element, formed by the div tag, then set the font color:
<div style="color: #7fffd4;">aquamarine Text color</div>
In the case of using the string of the span element to apply the style attribute is necessary in exactly the same way:
Text <span style="color: #7fffd4;">aquamarine</span> colors.
Here, the color can also be specified as hexadecimal codes and text symbols, e.g. #7fffd4 can be changed to aquamarine.
Put in the header part of the document or in a separate css file describing styles, specify the font color of the desired blocks of text is a universal and often used in the layout of the web pages method. For example, to specify a blue font color for the entire page, in its header part (between <head> and </head> you can put code like this:
<style type="text/css">

body {color: blue}

Use the attributes class, if the description of the styles necessary to set different color to different parts of the text. For example, if you need to have the ability to insert when you create a document and, further, if it is changed, text blocks, red and blue, can be placed in the header of this code:
<style type="text/css">

.blueText {color: Blue}

.redText {color: Red}

BlueText redText and here are the names, and the point in front of them means that the names refer to attributes of the class. To paint any part of the text, for example, in red color, it is necessary to add the corresponding tag class attribute with value redText:
<p class="redText">Red text</p>