You will need
  • any editor, browser or program that allows you to work with text
Text reaktortechnik controls the fonts shown in the screenshot.
To change the font on the page, scroll the mouse a piece of text and select the desired option on the toolbar. Then deselect to see the result.
Typically, text editors enable you to change the type of font, set its size, give the ability to highlight text by using bold typeface or italics, change the alignment, and also to specify a specific color.These "advanced" editors like Microsoft Word have more capabilities. For example, if you need to change the text to make it look like the sample, use the option "format painter". To do this, select a sample (from another file), click the discover button yellow like a paintbrush and "paint" it the text that needs formatting. To make the headings or notes the same use specially designed styles, which are selectable from the drop-down list.
In simple editors, the opportunities are more scarce. For example, Notepad, limited text format allows you to change only a few options, and only to your computer (changes are not saved) and only for the entire document at once. To access the options drop-down menu "Format" and select "Font".
How to change the font for the <b>page</b>
Reactorproject graphic editors such as Photoshop or Corel can work with text in two modes: as a traditional text editor, and as with the picture. To make the graphic editor Photoshop to take the text as a picture, select in the menu "Layer" – "Rasterize text". For example, it may be necessary to overlay complex effects. You will loose the ability to edit the text in the usual way. Unfortunately, to convert it back is impossible. If you want to change the page text in the picture, it should be shaded and to write a new one.
How to change the font for the <b>page</b>
Commentariat forums and message boards, forms for comments to articles, and even on some forums there are no special buttons, which allow you to change the font. However, you can easily change it using the BB codes, and thus it is advantageous to allocate your message. For example, to make the font bold, wrap it with the tags [b]Your text[/b].The full "gentleman's set" BB-code looks like this:[font=Arial]font face[/font]
[color=red]color[/color] – (blue, purple, orange, yellow, gray, green)
[i]oblique (italic)[/i]
Codes can be combined:
[b][c][size=18]bold, centered, 18 PT[/size][/c][/b]
How to change the font for the <b>page</b>
Browsermedia websites allow you to customize the fonts on your own. If you want to configure fonts on the Internet pages of the look in the browser settings options. Depending on the browser you can configure the size, type of font, color, links, etc. Google Chrome: open the menu marked with a wrench, click Options, and then click "Advanced" and find the button "Customize fonts".
Opera: "Menu" tap "Settings" and then "General settings". Font settings in the browser you can change the tab "Web page".
Mozilla Firefox: "Tools" – "Settings" – "Content".
Internet Explorer: menu "Tools", open "Internet options", then "General", select "View".
How to change the font for the <b>page</b>
Blogupdates all blogging services allow you to change the fonts on the pages. For example, the Blogger on the page, manage blogs, click "Design", then "template Designer" and "Advanced".
How to change the font for the <b>page</b>
HTMLЯзык HTML related BB-codes mentioned above. To change the font size on a web page wrap text with tags. For example, to set the size of the text use the tags: Your text.
Basic HTML tags: