Universal glasses drops equally harmonious look in the male and in the female image. Sunglasses Aviator suitable for all face shapes. Depending on the age of the buyer, you can afford "droplets" with conventional lenses or gradient, mirror.

Who are glasses Aviator

Glasses droplets appeared on the market in the 1940-ies, this model is attractive for its practicality and versatility. Despite the apparent fragility, Aviator protect eyes from ultraviolet radiation thanks to the teardrop-shaped lenses. Sunglasses of this type are well-deserved love Hollywood stars. Depending on the characteristics of appearance, you can pick up "drops" with light or dark lenses.

Initially the "Aviators" developed for men, but today, these sunglasses are of success and women. "Drops" are perfect for owners of oval face. Socket accessory can be almost any metal is gold or silver bright.

Choose glasses drops, if the round face. To make it balance, you need to purchase Aviator with a slightly elongated lenses, sleek thin frame. Massive plastic frames will make the face even more massive, so it is preferable to use light metal.

Face shape and selection of glasses

For face heart-shaped "droplets" of classical form. Best of all, if the accessory will have a clear plastic or metal thin frame, matching color with the tint of the lenses. So the points will stand out on the face that will help to visually make the form design more harmonious.

Triangular face shape "drops" will be able to visually pull, if you choose a small-sized sunglasses. They must not cover the eyebrows, so a model with broad cross-connected with this type of person is not recommended. Avoid bright shades lenses.

Face square shaped glasses drops will also be a good solution. The only thing that "Airmen" should not have a colored rim. Not welcome also petite or overly large sunglasses, choose a model strictly according to the size. Socket accessory must not be wider than the face.

Glasses droplets having a characteristic design, suitable for any type of person. Their versatility is reflected in the possibility of combining models with different styles of clothes. "The aviators" will be harmonious look in the ensemble with a romantic dress, with a Polo shirt, jeans. The main thing - to find a suitable model, focusing on the type of face, skin color and hair.