For a start, you should make sure you know who is architect and what are his duties. Architect - a specialist who provides architectural design, including developing space planning and interior design solutions. Architectural design is the organization of the architectural environment, design of buildings and structures, including the development of interior design and space planning solutions.

To become a student architect, must possess certain personal qualities.

Creativity. Of course, the ability to draw, to paint and stroking a pencil - what should be able people coming into the faculty of architecture. However, it is important that this skill is not ended only on the redraw others works and copying photos. The architect - he is the Creator. He should be able to see in ordinary things unusual, process them in the head and spill out on paper. Pencil, paint, markers - these are merely tools. The person who went to art school, it will be easier to do and learn, however, as practice shows, self-taught, too, have a chance to succeed if they try and listen to the comments of the teachers.

Spatial reasoning. A very important quality. Spatial thinking is a form of mental activity, which creates spatial images that help in solving practical and theoretical tasks. Student architect will have to study difficult subjects such as descriptive geometry, statics, strength of materials and engineering structures. The ability to think spatially, the abstract is not given to all, so if the future student has no such ability, then the above items stnut a real test for him. Fortunately, it's quality (if a little bit is present) can be developed.

Responsibility, vigilance. Student-architect, and in the future specialist is simply impossible to be negligent and irresponsible. This Poesia requires care, because any mistake can lead to the destruction of buildings with the effects, injury and even death of people.

Diligence, assiduity. From the tape simply will not work architect. Lazy flies out of University after the first session. Moreover, architecture students must be prepared to work on projects and other assignments days and nights. If representatives of other specialties such relevant regulations during the session, it should be noted that architecture students are working at the rhythm the entire academic year.

Organizational skills will help the student to distribute the entire load evenly and to avoid sleepless nights and the state ", palusami" during the session.

Originality, resourcefulness, creativity is distinguished by architecture student from other specialties. The architect must be able to look at many things differently than other people, should be able to find creative solutions and to cope with the tasks using ingenuity and originality.

A sense of harmony, taste and style is the necessary qualities of a creative personality. Practi and other art work will simply be uninteresting and boring, and at worst tasteless and unsightly.

Observation. An important feature that is characteristic of any Creator. To create something new, you need to be attentive to what already exists. The architect must notice the beautiful things around, to try to process it and use their ideas.

A good memory will not hurt any student, however, the representatives of the architectural faculty this quality is especially necessary. The architect must be versed person on all sides, he must be broad-minded. To design buildings and structures for different purposes, the architect must be versed in many industries.

Interpersonal skills - a trait necessary for any modern specialist. The architect must be able to work as samostoyatelno and the team. The student-architect communication skills need to be able to communicate with your classmates, senior students and teachers, the specialist architect to be able to talk to the customer, to find a common language with colleagues.

Punctuality, tact - these qualities are, in principle pluses for any person, especially for the architect.

The profession "architect" is suitable for those who possess the above qualities and skills. Profession interesting, demanding, requires attention, perseverance and diligence, but a very interesting and exciting. Many students, despite the difficulties of learning, very glad that I chose this profession.