For effective flowering

Clematis are relatively undemanding. They adapt to different climatic conditions, can tolerate extreme cold and heat. But the root system of the clematis does not like high humidity and overheating, so the soil around the roots need mulching. For a spectacular flowering clematis need regular feeding.

Before planting

Because clematis on one place can grow for a long time (over thirty years), their comfortable existence must be taken care of even before landing. Very carefully prepare for clematis planting hole.

The first fertilizer clematis gets it as soon as moved into a new "house". After laying of the drainage (and the plants do need drainage, because the roots of clematis do not tolerate decay) fill the planting hole with peat and compost (2 buckets). It is also worth adding a bucket of sand, 1/2 tbsp of wood ash, 100 g of complex fertilizer and superphosphate. Clematis prefer a neutral soil, alkaline. Therefore, when planting, to 100 g of dolomite.

Five meals a day

In the first year after planting clematis feed is not necessary. In the second year, the first dressing is carried out as soon as the industry shoots in may. During the growing season, which the clematis is quite long – from may to October, the plant must be fed 5 times.

The first feeding – in may give solution of ammonium nitrate. You can dilute the fertilizer with water (2 g in 10 l), and you can just sprinkle around the Bush and lightly incorporated into the soil 200 g granulated fertilizers.

The second fertilization is done in 7-10 days. At this time, the clematis necessary organic. Fresh manure you should not use. Such feeding will kill the plant. Fertilize clematis for the second time a weak infusion of mullein (1:10) or chicken droppings, diluted with water 1:15.

If organic fertilizers, you can replace their infusion of fermented grass (1:10) or to prepare a solution of urea (10 g per 10 liters of water). Fertilizers, which in their composition contain chlorine, for clematis should not be used.

The third feeding is carried out after 10-14 days – full of complex fertilizer"Kemira universal"). Prepare a solution – 1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water. The next feeding is necessary for the plant during budding. It is phosphorus-potassium fertilizer according to the instructions on the package.

The fifth and last feeding is given after the end of mass flowering and pruning of clematis – 1 tbsp of complete fertilizer per 10 liters of water. Throughout the season, the soil under your clematis watered with milk of lime.