The dismissal of an employee as a failed probation is a very common situation. In this case it is important to remember two things. First, probation is prohibited to assign pregnant women, people who passed the contest for the position, as well as young professionals who first get a job. If you belong to one of these categories, feel free to submit a complaint to the chief. Secondly, if the dismissal of the Director is obliged to give you a document that explained in detail what exactly you are fired. If you have not received it, contact the court and State labour Inspectorate.
Don't let the fire you to reduce staff if the Manager is doing is illegal. In this case, you can only be fired under the condition that the authorities there are documents that confirm the reduction procedure. In addition, you should get a warning not earlier than 2 months before leaving work. If you are fired immediately, without waiting for the expiration of this period, the employer is obliged either to pay wages for two months or move you to another vacant position. In all other cases, dismissal in connection with reduction would be illegal.
Do not believe the threats to be fired for non-compliance. Of course, for the employee it's very frustrating, because future employers will pay attention to the reason for leaving past jobs. But remember that to prove your incompetence must hold professional certification. Moreover, to assign it can only be subject to the availability of good reasons. Ie if there is a huge number of complaints from customers about the services or products of firms not deteriorated the quality of goods and the number of defective items, etc, to certify there is no reason.
Carefully re-read your employment contract. Some of his points may not be illegal, and if you pay attention to the head, it is unlikely to be a desire to dismiss you and to subsequently prove his innocence in court. In particular, the employer has no right to issue fines. If the list of disciplinary penalties is the application of penalties, and to know the State labour Inspectorate, your boss will get in trouble.