The decoration of the walls of the room with an unusual pattern can completely transform the interior and create an entirely unique atmosphere in the house. It is absolutely not necessary to have artistic talent enough to master the art of screen painting. Making stencils for painting walls – a fascinating and creative.
The easiest method of making a stencil from a plastic office folder or not very thick acetate film. To create an artistic template is quite suitable that tape that is used in cooking to work with chocolate. On a sheet of tracing paper with a soft pencil translates the desired pattern. If the ornament will be used several colors, then you need to make a stencil for each of them to avoid mixing inks. With the help of tracing paper, the drawing is transferred to the base and a sharp hobby knife or scalpel carefully cut out all the elements of the ornament. If possible, you can make a stencil from thin plastic using plotter cutting, plastic stencil more durable and easier to care for. During the creation of the pattern is important not to forget that the stencil must be carefully wiped after each use, otherwise the wall can stay strips.
Stencils with a simple ornament can be made from construction paper or art Board. Transferred using tracing paper or carbon paper drawing is cut out and the stencil is carefully processed with drying oil and dried. Instead of varnish the stencil can be coated with a thin layer of light lacquer thus prepared templates are not afraid of water, do not soak and do not lose their shape under the influence of paint.
More complex drawings with lots of detail, can be made of thin sheets of celluloid – before for this purpose, the craftsmen used old x-rays. Using hot water with a celluloid film washes out the image, after which it becomes transparent and easy to use. Picture can be put directly under the and translate directly on the workpiece for the pattern, then carefully cut out. This stencil can be used for a long time, is easy to clean from paint with a damp cloth.
The most time-consuming is the production of a stencil-stamp. As the basis of such a stencil is used plexiglass, under which is placed and secured to the selected ornament. With the help of siliconized sealant white are enclosed in the outlines, after which the sealant allow time for freezing. Roller, paint over the dried pattern in the desired color and press the finished stencil to the wall on which it is the imprint of the pattern.
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