You will need
  • - soft, well-draped curtain fabric;
  • - curtain tapes;
  • - sewing supplies, sewing machine;
  • paper and drawing utensils.
Make the necessary measurements for the construction of the pattern svaga. Determine how wide (and) it needs to be, what will be its depth (b) distance from the top line to the bottom of the SAG. Measure, based on the data, the length of the lower SAG (c) line bending of the fabric at the bottom.
Determine the width of the shoulder Smad (d), dividing its total width (length top) three. The Central third of the upper line – middle of the Smad (e) is not conformable, the straightened portion, and two lateral third of the shoulder Smad, which you will drape with curtain tape.
Build the pattern svaga, using the received measurements. Draw two perpendicular lines with a vertex at the point A. to the Right of it put the half of the size of the middle of the Smad and add 3 cm to the processing of AB = (1/2A + 3 cm).
Put down cut of as – depth Smad, multiplied by a factor of 2-2. 5, the magnitude of which depends on the density of the fabric (the fabric is denser, the smaller the value).
Using the thread length equal to the depth of the Smad (AC), spend part of a circle (arc) from point A. this arc aside from the point With a value equal to half the length of the lower SAG plus 3 cm to the processing of point D.
Connect the points D and B. the Angle will zakruglenie. Turned out half of the pattern svaga.
To the fold of the fabric, attach the pattern and circle. Make allowances 1.5 cm round. Cut mechanical Smad possible and on the bias, and the common thread.
Treat the bottom edge of the Smad double hem or band (fringe, piping, etc.).
The allowances of the side and top sections zautyuzhte on the wrong side, then sew them to the curtain ribbons (both the edges).
Pull loose braid on the side segments of BD, leaving the middle of the Smad not draped.